Eva zu Beck explores Pakistan's undiscovered beauty

Eva zu Beck explores Pakistan's undiscovered beauty

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September 16, 2018

Polish travel vlogger Eva Zu Beck has won the hearts of Pakistanis with her social media posts lauding the undiscovered beauty of Pakistan and her contribution towards promoting tourism in this part of the world.

The ardent traveler has been the center of attention in the country with her social media posts filled with colors celebrating the beauty of Pakistan that has for long fallen prey to negligence by foreign tourists following the country’s uncertain security situations.

“This wasn’t the country I’d been told about by western media. This was a country of profound emotion, profound struggle, profound beauty. And I opened my heart to it,” she had stated about Pakistan in one of her Instagram posts.

Here are our top favorites  from the traveler's Instagram: 

Islamabad, Pakistan

Sea View, Karachi.

Khunjerab Pass.

Hunza Valley.


Naltar Valley.

Frere Hall, Karachi.

Empress Market, Karachi.

Clifton Beach, Karachi.

Do Darya, Karachi.

Burns, Road, Karachi.