Ramadan 2018: Fasting hours around the world

Ramadan 2018: Fasting hours around the world

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May 17, 2018

After many years, Ramadan 2018 begun simultaneously in most parts of the world with the first fast being observed today i.e. May 17, including Pakistan.

Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan (9th month of the lunar calendar), Muslims fast for an entire day: they begin fasting at the Fajr call to prayer just before dawn and break their fast at sunset.

Fasting durations in the world vary from region to region.

In Pakistan this year, fasting hours will last just a little over 15 hours. Whereas, the longest fast duration will be 21 hours 59 minutes in Greenland on 15th June. On the contrary, people in Chile will fast for the shortest period of time i.e.10 and half hours on the last day of Ramadan. 

Indonesian Muslims pray at the first day of holy fasting month of Ramadan at Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 16, 2018.
People break their fast at Sultanahmet Square on the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Istanbul, Turkey May 16, 2018. REUTERS