A glimpse into snow-engulfed northern region of Pakistan

A glimpse into snow-engulfed northern region of Pakistan

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February 14, 2018

The northern areas of Pakistan have been receiving heavy snowfall since the past few days leading to a complete change in the outlook of some cities in the upper hemisphere.

The frigid weather, although creating obstructions in routine life of residents and tourists, has made the overall landscape of various cities absolutely magnificent.

A beautiful view of snow covered Kanigurram Valley in South Waziristan.

From thick blankets of snow enveloping the alps in north to trees glistening with flurry, everything now presents breath-taking views in Murree, Abbottabad and Quetta, perfect for photographers to capture through their lens.

 Ladies on their way during snowfall in Murree..

Not only this, despite extreme temperatures, lady health workers in Balochistan have braved harsh weather conditions in order to perform their respective duties for the anti-polio campaign.