ISHQ’s opening performance receives huge applause

ISHQ’s opening performance receives huge applause

September 9, 2017

LONDON: The Anglo Sufi Musical ‘ISHQ’ - based on the legendary romance of Heer Ranjha – received huge applause from the audience on its opening night at the prestigious Sadler’s Well Theatre here in central London.

The full-to-capacity audience welcomed the play and appreciated performances of actors. The cast is from Pakistan and the UK, including Ahsan Khan, Adnan Jaffar, Rasheeda Ali, Rachel Viccaji, Irfan Damani and Arti Daltri and many others. Ishq The Muical has been brought to London in association with Geo TV Network and Jang Group of Newspapers.

The theatre lovers were full of praise for the artists, their energy, the choreography, the specially commissioned fusion music, the themes and the story of the Musical which revolves around the legendary Punjabi tale of love and devotion and which has global meanings.

The first show was on the evening of 7th September, there will be second show on 8th September and two shows on 9th September.

A spokesman of Pakistan High Commission said that it had helped bring over the show to London to “celebrate the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan” and to showcase before the world the cultural heritage of Pakistan. 

Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, on the opening of the Musical said: “ISHQ the Musical presents the rich cultural ethos of Pakistan, which is the custodian of the oldest civilisation of the world--the Indus Valley Civilisation. Culture transcends the barriers, busts the myths and brings people together. Our effort aims towards that end.”

The High Commissioner said: “From the ancient land of Pakistan, bringing the Anglo Sufi Musical ‘ISHQ’ to London--the global cultural hub--is part of our cultural outreach to showcase our rich heritage to the world. I am confident that the musical will help put in perspective the true image of Pakistan.”

Based on the legendary folklore of Heer Ranjha, the romantic story reminisces about the rich Sufi culture of our land. The legend of Heer Ranjha written by great Sufi saint and poet Waris Shah, presents the Sufi ethos of our civilisation characterised by compassion and peaceful coexistence.

The Anglo Punjabi Sufi musical has been produced by Serendip Productions, an international award-winning company from Pakistan.

Huma Beg and Farooq Beg, director and producer, said that they were overwhelmed with the response. They said they had spent months preparing for the play and spent hundreds of hours for its production. They said that their hard work had paid off as the play was well liked by everyone and won critical acclaim.