KU film maker wins Fifth 60 second Int’l Film Festival held in Karachi

KU film maker wins Fifth 60 second Int’l Film Festival held in Karachi

August 12, 2017
Sidra Khan

KARACHI: The fifth 60 second International Film Festival was held at CEJ IBA, Karachi on Friday, where 1500 films from 60 different countries were screened.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion about the importance of film making and the need for story telling in the person’s lives.

The theme for this year’s film festival was ‘Dil Say Pakistan’.  The submissions were accepted in five broad categories of education, interfaith, landmark, unsung heroes and colors of life.

The winner of fifth 60 sec international film festival was Zainab, from Karachi University’s visual Studies department.

A total of 60 films were screened at the event which were contributed by film makers from Bulgaria, Iran, USA, Congo, India to name a few.

Some of the films really hit home with their themes of education, tolerance and empathy. Some of the movies were animation based and touched the audience with their impactful execution.

The winning film ‘Poster’ was about a Pakistan based painter and how the evolution of times has led a change in the work for painters.

Some films that dealt with issues like transgender rights, child birth, population control, water reservoirs were met with a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement from audience and judges alike.

Zaigham Sajid, a film making student showed excitement, “Such events help us showcase our talent and give us exposure about international film making scene.”

The event concluded with awards distribution ceremony.