Pakistani female artist sets Guinness World Record

Pakistani female artist sets Guinness World Record

August 11, 2017
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LAHORE: Pakistan female artist, 20 years old Unaiza Ali has set new Guinness World Record by making the longest comic strip, the record previously held by an Indian girl.

Unaiza, a Lahore-based cartoonist and animator, had completed 267.38 meters (877 feet) long this comic on March 12, 2017 and sent her claim to the Guinness team.

The measurement was confirmed by the professionally certified civil surveyor with four other official witnesses. The records were sent to the Guinness World Record, who recently declared it as authentic and acknowledged it as the making of a new world record.

Before Unaiza Ali Barles, an Artist, the record was previously held by an Indian girl Suhas Palimkar.

Pakistani girl’s way to record breaking is definitely a pride for the entire nation.

Unaiza, who completed her high-school education in Islamabad, while talking to state TV asserted, “While scrolling the Guinness website, I came across a certain record which matched my field entirely. It was held by India and I decided to take it up as a challenge.”

“Pakistan has finally made its way to Guinness world record, replacing India’s name”, she added.

“Managing the strip was a challenge in itself in order to be evaluated by the Guinness World Record. Around 50 volunteers had to be assigned just to unroll the strip so that it stays in place”, she stated.

She told, how she began working on it, “I had to cut papers and join it together till it was the required length and began drawing on a strip. It took about a year of hard work.”

Unaiza surely has made her country proud of her and given the best gift to Pakistan on completing its 70 years. We wish her luck for the new project; working as the animation artist for the Pakistan’s first 2D hand-drawn cartoon movie.