Pakistani stalls in UN International Bazaar

Pakistani stalls in UN International Bazaar

May 26, 2017
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UNITED NATIONS: A range of Pakistani products, both food and merchandise, were on "display and for sale" on Thursday at the annual United Nations International Bazaar held at the rain-swept UN Headquarters in New York.

Despite wet and dreary weather, a number of people visited the bazaar, which was organized by the UN Women's Guild (UNWG) in collaboration with permanent missions accredited to the United Nations.

The event featured cuisines from around the world as well as fine arts and handicrafts.

Marijcke Thomson, wife of the president of the UN General Assembly, was among those who visited the bazaar.

Pakistan had two stalls, one for food and other -- the main one -- sold a variety of items, including pashmina shawls, leather document cases and velvet wallets but the product that caught the imagination of visitors were the salt lamps.

These were contributed by the Himalayan Salt Boutique from Pakistan, which has the world's second largest salt mines.

The salt lamps, which have proven health benefits apart from their aesthetic beauty, were much in demand and their various properties were displayed in a large and colourful standee that embellished the Pakistan stall along with one that showed the famous tourist sites of the country.

Mrs. Thomson, the General Assembly president's wife, also came to the Pakistan stall and went round it.

Visitors to the UN Bazaar appeared impressed with the Pakistan stall, saying it was among the most well and imaginatively stocked.

The food stall did brisk business, especially during lunch hour at the UN.

People enjoyed the biryani, chicken tikkas and samosas among other Pakistani delicacies that were on sale.

"We were heartened and humbled that people from all over the world, which is what the UN is, came to our stalls to appreciate our products and cuisine," Pakistan UN Ambassador said.

"We were able to showcase Pakistan's products and great cuisine".

The money raised at the bazaar will be donated to UNHCR for the welfare of Syrian refugees and to United Nations Women's Guild administered projects to help children and women at different countries.