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Jump In: Corbin Bleu brushes up his jump rope skills after two decades

Corbin Bleu starred with Keke Palmer as jump rope enthusiasts in the Disney Channel movie ‘Jump In’

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
'Jump In' was released by Disney Channel in 2007

Corbin Bleu still knows how to jump in.

Seventeen years ago, the High School Musical alum made his independent mark in the Disney Channel Original Movie universe with his jump-rope-based movie, Jump In, alongside Keke Palmer.

However, the actor and singer, now 35, proved he’s still got the moves by sharing a video of him double-dutching – a jump rope skill played with two skipping ropes moving in opposite directions.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday, May 26, Bleu stirred up nostalgia with the clip set to the movie’s hit track, Push It to the Limit, with the text, “POV: It’s been 17 years since you Jumped In.”

He further revealed in the caption, “Double Dutch in between shows outside of our theatre!” referring to the ongoing performances of hos Off-Broadway revival of Little Shops of Horrors.

“Can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve done this,” he expressed.

In the hit 2007 DCOM film, Bleu played teenage boxer Izzy Daniels, who discovers his love for jump-rope after filling in a spot on his friend Mary Thomas’s (played by Palmer) team.

In a 2022 interview with Business Insider, Jump In’s director Paul Hoen called Bleu and Palmer two “of the most talented physical actors.”

“What’s just so amazing with that group of actors is that they could do all the jump roping. It’s amazingly hard, and all the tricks, they were completely into those and learning how to do them,” Hoen said.