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Cannes security guard blocks YoonA's red carpet photos

Cannes guard faces backlash for disrespecting Korean actress

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Cannes security guard blocks Korean actresss red carpet photos
Cannes security guard blocks Korean actress's red carpet photos 

Cannes security guard, previously embroiled in a dispute with Kelly Rowland, is now accused of disrespecting Korean actress Yoona. 

The K-pop star-turned-actress was reportedly halted from posing for red carpet photos on the iconic Cannes stairs by the same security guard.

This incident follows closely on the heels of the confrontation with Rowland, where the Destiny's Child alum hinted at racial bias. 

While the guard's colleagues defended her actions as simply 'doing her job,' fans uncovered another video showcasing Yoona receiving similar treatment.

Despite her composed demeanor, her facial expressions betrayed her evident discomfort and annoyance as she was escorted away from the stairs by the female staffer. 

In the latest developments at the Cannes Filmd Festival, the controversy surrounding the behavior of a particular security guard has escalated, drawing attention to alleged instances of disrespect towards celebrities and attendees.

Among the incidents that have sparked widespread criticism, a Ukrainian model found herself in a heated altercation with the same guard, resulting in an expulsion from the red carpet. 

The model, visibly determined to reclaim her place on the iconic Cannes stairs, engaged in a physical confrontation with the worker.

Furthermore, Massiel Taveras, a Dominican actress, became embroiled in a similar clash with the female guard in question, echoing the confrontational atmosphere.