Tuesday June 18, 2024

Your car key fob may have THIS additional function you don't know

Driving experts said the car key fob function allows drivers to control more than just the locks on their vehicles

By Web Desk
May 14, 2024
A car key fob. — Wales Online
A car key fob. — Wales Online 

Do you know that you may get some additional performance from your car key fob?

Your car key fob conceals a surprising secret that you may not know.

Driving experts shared the hack with car key fob. They said that most car key fobs in Britain have this function built into them. The function allows drivers to control more than just the locks on their vehicles.

So, what is the hidden functionality?

By simply holding down the lock or unlock button, motorists can remotely manipulate their car windows. If you hold the unlock button, it will roll the windows down and if you hold the lock button, it will cause them to roll up.

The handy feature, disclosed by LeaseCar specialists, could be of great use particularly during the warmer seasons. However, the feature may differ depending on the make and model of your car, said experts.

"Many car models have a hidden feature built within the key fob that is unknown to most drivers," experts said while talking to The Express.

"Standing outside your vehicle, hold down the unlock button on your car keys and the windows will start to unwind. Some cars may differ - so try holding down the unlock button once, releasing it, and then pressing down again to activate this remote feature."

Experts at Dick Lovett said, "Holding the unlock button down opens the windows on your car (or roof, on convertibles), whilst holding down the lock button closes them."

"This is ideal during warmer months to avoid getting straight into a hot car. This trick works on many different models and is not limited to one manufacturer. All you'll need to do is hold down the unlock button on the key fob, and your car windows will begin to roll down whilst you stand outside the vehicle."

"For some cars, you may be required to hold down the unlock button once, release, and then hold it down again before it will work," they added.

However, you have to be careful while using the feature to your benefit. Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports, warned, "These features can be fantastic if the owner understands the sequence of key-fob button pushes to access them, but they can also be frustrating or even harmful if these features are triggered accidentally."