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THIS kitchen item is behind your infection

Common kitchen item is causing infection

By Web Desk
May 07, 2024
Deadly infections possible because of a kitchen item. — Unsplash/File
"Deadly" infections possible because of a kitchen item. — Unsplash/File

A doctor has strongly advised against using a common kitchen item because it may cause a "very severe infection."

Unlike other home products, dishcloths are rarely washed and are typically left moist in the sink. 

Dr Gareth Nye cautions that as temperatures rise, kitchens become hotspots for the growth of bacteria, according to Mirror.

In order to reduce bacterial contamination, dishcloths should be carefully cleaned after each use and replaced every few months, according to Dr Gareth Nye, programme lead for medical science at the University of Chester.

Dr Nye investigated the level of bacterial contamination on dishcloths and provided best recommendations for cleaning and storing them in association with Magnet Trade.

Dr Nye disclosed shocking statistics: "90% of UK dishcloths were considered heavily contaminated with bacteria compared with 20% of toilet flush handles. The toilet fairs better than other kitchen areas such as the kitchen tap and worktop."

"Again, according to recent studies, around 70% of UK dishcloths are infected with over one billion bacteria per 100sqcm area — or around half a billion for your average sized dish cloth."