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Having anger issues? Scientists reveal best way to shred your anger

Forget deep breaths: Throwing away angry thoughts may be key to calm

By Web Desk
April 11, 2024
Some popular methods for diffusing anger like exercising are actually not beneficial, experts say. —AFP/File
Some popular methods for diffusing anger like exercising are actually not beneficial, experts say. —AFP/File 

While methods like exercise and deep breathing are common anger management tools, a new study suggests a surprisingly effective solution: writing down your frustrations and then gritting them, Daily Mail reported. 

The researchers at the Nagoya University, Japan, had a study where people were assigned to write opinions on issues and they were expecting some feedbacks. On the other hand, everyone received a negative feedback no matter whether they were told it consciously or not.

Then we asked them to pen their thoughts instead of letting them out. The key difference: some hid their writings (bin or shredder), whereas others kept these in a physical format. The results were striking. 

It is evident that while all the groups displayed escalated anger levels as soon as they received negative comments, the groups that had written their complaints recovered their calmness much quicker. Intriguingly, the group which possessed the written anger did not show a much reduced anger, though.

The main researcher, Nobuyuki Kawai, stood in awe at the effectiveness of this method, claiming: "To put it simply, I was surprised by the intensity of anger suppression." 

This research published in Scientific Reports stands on a foundation of existing research which already linked physical interactions with objects and emotional control. The group is convinced this procedure can be instrumental in helping office workers to stay healthy in stressful situations. 

"Imagine writing down the basis of your rage like a memorandum and then tossing it away as and when you feel angry at work," is what Kawai proposes. This seemingly insignificant act of writing your angry thoughts and tearing the page could be the secret to keep you calm in the face of adversity.