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What is TikTok's latest hydrating 'Sexy Water' trend?

TikToker Kelly Grace Mae's wellness trend series takes social site by storm

By Web Desk
March 23, 2024
New TikTok viral trend aims to promote healthy hydrating habits. — Tiktok/@kellygracemae
New TikTok viral trend aims to promote healthy hydrating habits. — Tiktok/@kellygracemae

If there is one thing Gen'Zs love, it is rebranding everyday habits into something trendy and woke, Pop Sugar reported. 

The latest craze to overtake our social media is the "Sexy water" wellness trend on TikTok.

What is the sexy water trend?

The term coined by content creator, Kelly Stranick basically refers to a glass of water mixed with different vegetables and supplements to make it "a little less mundane."

Stranick, started the trendy sexy water series on TikTok, with the first post accumulating over a million views. Since then others, too have hopped up on the trend.

She shared in one of her videos, that her sexy water recipes are always a bit different, but her original recipe includes, "filtered water, lemon, cucumber, spearmint, a scoop of colostrum, chlorophyll, lion's mane, and cordyceps and mushroom multivitamins."

@kellygracemae TEAM SEXY WATER!!! Part 1 of ny new #sexywater ♬ original sound - kelly

What are the benefits of sexy water?

The ingredients, Stranick endorses in her videos, are all healthy ingredients, which do not have any negative impacts.

According to Rebecca Russell, the founder of The Social Nutritionist, the sexy water trend, may "make drinking water a bit more interesting," therefore spreading awareness regarding staying hydrated.

She suggests to add in supplements with fibre, for improved digestion and to help body absorb more H20.

However, experts have warned, some of the ingredients added in Stranick videos may not suit everyone.

She said, "Certain supplements and herbals can interact with medications or other supplements, so you want to be careful with what's being mixed."