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Top skincare trends of 2024 you need to know

For those into dedicated beauty regimen, this year is an excellent opportunity to set new goals for skincare

By Web Desk
February 10, 2024
Representational image of a girl applying a skincare product. — Unsplash
Representational image of a girl applying a skincare product. — Unsplash

For those into a dedicated beauty regimen, 2024 offers an excellent opportunity to set new goals for skincare and refresh their knowledge about the newest and best technologies available, Popsugar reported.

Last year brought with it a rise of "skinimalism" — a 12-step skincare routine that also hyped up our current societal obsession with Korean skincare.

But here are some of the new "it" trends that have started gaining traction among skincare buffs in 2024. 

Probiotic Skincare

Applying the newest cream or serum won't give you the glossy, glowing skin that you’ve always wanted. Instead, you need to make thoughtful, health-conscious product choices that will benefit both your internal and external well-being.

Probiotic skincare uses products containing live microorganisms to enhance skin health.

Light-emitting diode (LED) Light Therapy

LED light treatment has gained significant attention in recent years and will continue to do so in 2024. 

Celebrity aesthetician Shani Darden says that it is your best option if you want to get rid of small wrinkles, mild acne and hyperpigmentation from your skin.

LED face mask. — Goodtopssm/File
LED face mask. — Goodtopssm/File

Epigenetic skincare

Epigenetics is the study of the way genes are controlled, or expressed, in the body.

Lucy Goff, the founder of LYMA, has developed the world's first epigenetic skin science able to treat the root causes of ageing, not just the superficial signs.

Facial Yoga

If you're not into regular yoga, this year you might want to give "face yoga" a try.

With over 2.8 billion views on TikTok and still growing, #faceyoga is a short, at-home workout routine that helps make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable. It focuses on strengthening facial muscles to preserve skin structure as you age.


2024 is leaning heavily on science to help restore and preserve the skin's natural radiance through the help of exosomes.

Exosomes, which are rich in nutrients that promote the formation of collagen, may aid in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Exosomes can also aid in the healing of scars left by acne and sun damage to the skin.