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Why is Edoardo Santini, Italy's most handsome man becoming priest?

Edoardo Santini, Italy's most handsome man is transferring from bright career in spotlight to spiritual journey

By Web Desk
December 05, 2023
Edoardo Santini during a photoshoot. — Instagram/edoardosantini
Edoardo Santini during a photoshoot. — Instagram/edoardosantini

Edoardo Santini, Italy's most attractive man, who is recognised for his chiselled looks and charisma, has chosen a life committed to the priesthood over a booming modelling career.

Santini is transferring from a bright career in the spotlight to a spiritual journey, which might help the Catholic Church attract new priests.

Santini, who dreamed of popularity from an early age, honed his abilities in drama and dance, laying the groundwork for a successful career. A powerful calling, however, steered him to a life of religion and service.

He stated in an Instagram video, "I've decided to give up modelling work, acting, and dance, but I won't abandon all my passions; I'll just live them differently, offering them up to God." The movie cuts between shots of him modelling and praying before an altar.

Quoted by the New York Post, Santini shared, "I have had the opportunity to meet some young people who... have given me the strength to investigate this question that I have carried with me since I was little, but which various fears prevented me from exploring further."

"In recent years, I have met wonderful people who have given me so much and allowed me to experience art. I won't abandon everything because my passions are part of me, but I will live them and propose them again in different contexts," he added.

Santini, who has over 8,000 Instagram followers, has gotten a range of reactions to his video from social media users.

"God's heart is so happy. Walk beside him, and he will show you even more beautiful things. I'm happy for you," commented a user.

"May the Lord make you his instrument! I too have this dream, and my friend, I will pray for you," wrote another user.