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Elon Musk set to launch xAI’s chatbot ‘Grok’ for X Premium+ subscribers next week

Elon Musk redesigned Twitter Blue into X Premium, offering a plethora of features like enhanced exposure in responses

By Web Desk
November 22, 2023
Elon Musk with xAI Chatbot Grok. — X/@technext
Elon Musk with xAI Chatbot "Grok". — X/@technext

Elon Musk, the owner of X, stated that Grok, an AI chatbot will be made available to all of the company's Premium+ users "next week" as Grok integration was already happening.

App researcher Nima Owji revealed pictures this week demonstrating the addition of Grok to X's online application, stating that its URL will be 

Users who were not yet Premium+ subscribers would receive an invitation to upgrade in order to access Grok, according to one screenshot. 

Another displayed a text entry box labelled "Ask Grok" for interacting with the AI chatbot. At the time of his discovery, the characteristics were not visible to the public, but they indicated that Grok's release was getting closer.

Grok, which was first made available to a small group of testers on November 4, is Musk's response to ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard from Google, Claude from Anthropic, and other similar apps. 

As a component of X's larger social network, Grok may attract more users.

Furthermore, the Musk-owned startup xAI, which created Grok, guarantees that its chatbot will be more animated than competitors. Its website claims that it has a “rebellious streak” and that it intends to answer users’ inquiries “with a touch of humour." 

According to the business, the chatbot would also respond to "spicy" queries that other AI systems would not accept.

However, personality won't be the only factor that sets Grok apart from the competition. The X platform will also provide it access to real-time information, which may or may not be an intriguing addition and contribute to the platform's greatest level of response accuracy.

The feature could encourage more people to subscribe to X's Premium plan, which hasn't performed as well as Musk had planned. The owner of X redesigned Twitter Blue into X Premium, offering a plethora of features like enhanced exposure in responses, an edit button, the capacity to publish lengthier messages and videos, and a decrease in advertisements, in addition to paid verification.

Because of this, X recently announced that it would be splitting up its Premium service into three tiers: the current $8 per month X Premium subscription, the $3 per month Basic subscription that keeps ads in place, and the $16 per month Premium+ subscription that keeps all of the ads in the For You and Following feeds gone. 

Additionally, X is introducing a Creator Hub where users can get paid to post and offer subscriptions to their fans.

Grok's entry into this more expensive tier may persuade users of X, outside of creators, to become members. 

Given that X is experiencing a loss of advertisers due to worries over antisemitic content on the site and Musk's own actions of promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories, the extra money is now more important than ever.

Notably, Grok's anticipated debut will come after a week of turmoil at rival AI startup OpenAI, where in a matter of days, co-founder Greg Brockman and CEO Sam Altman were both announced as new hires by Microsoft. However, after negotiations, Altman was reinstated as CEO with a new board.