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Toyota Century luxury SUV deals well-driven blow to Bentley Bentayga at surprising price

Toyota laboured to give Century SUV imposing proportions with a design allegedly inspired by weaving shuttle comparable to Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

By Web Desk
September 07, 2023
Toyota Century SUV luxury. — Toyota/Website
Toyota Century SUV luxury. — Toyota/Website

In a major automotive industry development, the Japanese automaker Toyota Century SUV has been launched as a £135,000 ($168,760) 4x4 with intimidating dimensions and extensive technological enhancements designed specifically for chauffeur driving.

Toyota Century SUV has an imposing squared-off proportion with a design allegedly inspired by a weaving shuttle, with smooth surfaces and chamfered edges for a broad-shoulder appearance comparable to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Order bookings for the automobile officially opened today. Its front and back lights are divided into four separate sections to increase its on-road visibility.

It has upscale interior features including a refreshment function, completely reclining rear seats, back TV displays, a fridge and a stereo system created in collaboration with a musical instrument maker to give passengers the impression that they are at a live performance.

Its 2950mm wheelbase makes it 140mm shorter than the saloon-sized model and around 40mm shorter than the Range Rover.

Its back doors open at a 75-degree angle, the cabin floor is fully flat, and it features retractable power stairs since it was designed with drivers and passengers utilising a driver in mind.

The Century SUV has been equipped with a sizable, centrally located touchscreen display that was sourced from Lexus, digital dials, and ambient lighting in the door cards for owners who like to be in the driver's seat.

Power comes from a 3.5-liter plug-in hybrid V6 with four-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering for enhanced agility in crowded urban areas. This engine is shared with the future Lexus TX. Additionally, it has a "Rear Comfort" mode that reduces jolts and harsh braking from the driver to make the ride for those in the back more comfortable.

It has laminated glass separating the passenger seats from the boot to reduce road and wind noise as much as feasible.

As part of Century's unique Kiwami Line, customers will be able to customise their cars with a choice of three base body colours and four optional hues.

Prices start at 25,000,000 Japanese Yen ($135,000), however, there are currently no plans to export it to the UK.