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Apple takes on Meta with Vision Pro AR headset

Vision Pro offers a unique blend of digital and real-world experiences and is expected to appeal to gamers, streamers, and professionals alike

By Web Desk
June 06, 2023
Apple takes on Meta with Vision Pro AR headset. YouTube/Apple
Apple takes on Meta with Vision Pro AR headset. YouTube/Apple

Apple recently made a big announcement at an event in California, by introducing a new product called the Vision Pro, which is a virtual reality (VR) headset. 

This headset is their first foray into the VR market and is seen as a challenge to Meta, the company that owns Facebook. The Vision Pro is a sleek and expensive device, costing $3,499, and will be available for purchase early next year.

The headset is designed to blend digital content with the real world, offering immersive experiences like never before. It will be mainly used for gaming, streaming videos, and virtual meetings. Apple has partnered with Disney to provide streaming content from popular franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

The Vision Pro requires a lot of computing power, so it needs to be plugged into a wall most of the time. The battery only lasts for about two hours. 

One interesting feature is that it has an exterior display that shows the user's eyes to people around them, making interactions easier. However, the device is not meant to replace computers or smartphones.

The release puts Apple in direct competition with Meta, which has been focusing on virtual worlds and the metaverse. Meta recently announced a new generation of its Quest VR headsets. The rivalry between Apple and Meta is expected to heat up as both companies vie for dominance in the VR market.

In addition to the Vision Pro, Apple also introduced updates to its MacBook Air and Mac Pro computers. They unveiled a 15-inch MacBook Air powered by their own M2 processor chip, which will be available soon. 

The company also released a new version of the Mac Pro, their high-performance desktop computer, with an M2 Ultra chip.

Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro VR headset is a significant step for the company into the world of virtual reality. It signals their intention to compete with Meta and establish a foothold in the growing VR market.