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Dipika Kakar discusses the challenges of growing up in a broken family

Dipika Kakar won Salman Khan hosted 'Big Boss 12'

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June 03, 2023
Dipika Kakar won Salman Khan hosted Big Boss 12
Dipika Kakar won Salman Khan hosted 'Big Boss 12'

Dipika Kakar, an Indian TV star, recently spoke with ETimes about the challenges she faced growing up in a broken family while sharing that her husband and his family have filled the "empty space" in her life and provided her with the love and support she needed.

The actress revealed that her parents were separated and while they did their best to provide for her individually, this situation often leads to depression among teenagers.

"When you grow up in a broken home as a child, I’m not saying that my parents did not do their duties for me. Individually they did their best for me and I totally respect my mother and father for it."

"They stood by me when it was needed the most. Today, I share a very cordial relationship with them individually and I’m in constant touch with them. When you are raised in a disturbed family it hits you hard."

The Big Boss 12 winner added that each kid responds differently to such an arrangement - “some go into depression, some become aggressive while some become introverts."

The actress recalled that she was a hesitant kid, "As a kid, main bahut sehmi hui this (I was a reserved kid, and) that’s the reason I can’t make friends even today. I have a handful of friends, I’ve a lot of colleagues. I don’t allow people in my space and maybe it is because of that."

She went on to praise her husband and his family for filling the "empty space" in her life.