Monday May 29, 2023

Honda Atlas jacks up prices of motorcycle

New prices will come into effect from April 1 onward

March 31, 2023
An undated image of Honda Atlass CB200X. — Twitter/@honda2wheelerin
An undated image of Honda Atlas's CB200X. — Twitter/@honda2wheelerin

Following the announcement of an extension in plant closure for 15 days, Atlas Honda — the biggest player in the two-wheeler segment in Pakistan — on Friday also notified an increase in the rates of its motorcycle prices.

Atlas Honda jacked up prices by Rs5,000-15,000. The new prices will come into effect from April 1 onward.

Following are the new retail selling price (ex-factory):


Retail price 
(exclusive of sales tax)

Sales tax — 18%

Retail price 
(inclusive of sales tax)

CD70 (Red, Black)Rs127,033.90Rs22,866.10Rs149,900
(Red, Black, Silver)
PRIDOR (Red, Black, Blue)Rs167,711.86Rs30,188.14Rs197,900
CG125 (Red, Black)Rs188,898.31Rs34,001.69Rs222,900
CG125S (Red, Black)Rs225,338.98Rs40,561.02Rs265,900
CB125F (Red, Black, Blue)Rs310,084.75Rs55,815.25Rs365,900
CB150F (Red, Black)Rs388,898.31Rs70,001.69Rs458,900
CB150F (Silver)Rs392,288.14Rs70,611.86Rs462,900

Earlier today, Honda Atlas Cars announced a 15-day extension to the longest plant shutdown to date.

In a notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the automaker said the decision has been taken keeping in view the current economic situation of Pakistan.

“Further to our letter dated March 08, 2023 [and] considering the current economic situation of Pakistan whereby the government resorted to stringent measures [...] the company’s supply chain has also been severely disrupted by such measures," the notice read.

The company cited the following "stringent measures" which have affected the supply chain:

Restrictions on opening of LCs for import of CKD kits, raw materials

Halting foreign payments

It mentioned that due to the aforementioned reasons, the company was not in a position to continue with production and ultimately continued to shut down its plant from April 1 to 15.