Cantt registry branch ‘moharar’ declared guilty

September 06,2018

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Rawalpindi: After 50 days of inquiry, Assistant Commissioner (Headquarters) Ashar Iqbal Khan has declared Cantonment Registry Branch ‘moharar’, Muhammad Arshad, ‘guilty’ on corruption charges.

Two months back, deputy commissioner, Rawalpindi Umar Jhangir had taken action against corrupt officials of the revenue department and suspended Cantonment Registry Branch ‘moharar’ Muhammad Arshad. He had also appointed Assistant Commissioner (Headquarters) Ashar Iqbal Khan as an inquiry officer in the case.

The deputy commissioner had taken all revenue record of Cantonment Registry Branch into his custody and ordered the inquiry against Muhammad Arshad who had been working at the same seat for the last of 10 years.

Assistant Commissioner (Headquarters) Ashar Iqbal Khan told ‘The News’ that he completed inquiry of Cantonment Registry Branch and found serious flaws in the revenue record. He said that Cantonment Registry Branch ‘moharar’, Muhammad Arshad was found guilty in the inquiry. “There are some serious flaws which were intentionally committed by the officials of Cantonment Registry Branch in the revenue record,” he added. He said that he will also summon Cantonment Registry Branch Sub-Registrar Mehar Ghulam Abbas in this case if the need arises.

He said that Cantonment Registry Branch ‘moharar’ Muhammad Arshad recorded his statement in this case. “I will send my report to higher authority to take further action against ‘moharar’ Muhammad Arshad,” he added. The higher authority had imposed charges of corruption, misconduct and absence of duty against ‘moharar’ Muhammad Arshad.

It is worth mentioning here that deputy commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi had also transferred Sub-Registrar Cantonment Registry Branch Mehar Ghulam Abbas. Now, Mehar Ghulam Abbas is posted as Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Special Magistrate.

The reliable sources said that local government has sent this case to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) because former Cantonment Registry Branch ‘Moharir’ was involved in corruption and inflicted loss of millions of rupees to the government. He issued dozens of bogus registries after taking ‘bribes’. “The Sub-Registrar Mehar Ghulam Abbas was also involved with him,” the sources said.

The sources also said that former ‘moharir’ was not providing old record of revenue department despite several reminders.


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