Durrani’s ‘yes’ to reform Punjab Police awaited

August 20,2018

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ISLAMABAD: After having stamped his mark on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police, former inspector general of police (IGP) KP Nasir Khan Durrani’s services are now direly needed in the Punjab to ensure responsible policing.

When he was asked to take over as the IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the challenge was almost insurmountable and the odds were heavy. And what he accomplished before hanging up the gloves in the terrorism-infested province was not a mean achievement indeed.

Durrani transformed the KP police department from a menacing and frightening institution into a warm and public-friendly force to which people rushed for help. Durrani took the bull by the horns and led from the front. He never kept himself confined to the comforts of his impressive and imposing office.

On the contrary, he frequently stepped out and snooped on police stations and other facilities. He made it loud and clear that he had ‘zero tolerance’ for corruption, inefficiency and indiscipline in the department.

On the other hand, he was full of appreciation for good work done by anyone in the department, starting from the foot constable to the office immediately below him. But that was not the only thing he’d aimed for and achieved! He brought in institutional reforms, bringing a good name to the department.

Known as an ‘innovative officer’, who’s always coming up with new ideas and moves to improve the performance of police department, he inducted woman commandos in the KP police for the first time, equipped the whole force with the best available modern weaponry, improved their training system, and introduced online reporting of ‘First Information Reports’ (FIRs) to name but few.

He would bluntly refuse to take any pressure from politicians and colleagues that made him somewhat unpopular amongst those one would hate to annoy in the bureaucracy as well as the political rank and file. And, by the time he left the office on achieving superannuation, he’d under his belt a highly illustrious and unblemished service record, with his head held high for having no skeletons in the cupboard.

Bowing low in humility and being grateful to Allah Almighty, his soul content and his heart filled with joy, he’s enjoying his retirement. But, there are news circulating amongst different circlesthat the new Imran Khan-led PTI government is trying hard to convince him to come out of retirement and help them introduce the KP-like reforms in the Punjab as well as at the federal level.

Everyone knows how the past rulers who had governed the province for almost 30 years or may be more corrupted and politically manipulated the Punjab police for their interest. It would be unfair to single out the Punjab police on this count because the previous government had corrupted bureaucracy in Punjab as well as in the federal capital to a great extent.

It is also learnt that the new government has offered Durrani the office of adviser but so far he seems not too eager to give up the comforts of a retired life. PTI sources believe that Durrani could help the new government to uproot corruption, irregularities and inefficiency in the Punjab police like he did in the KP.

“His experience as a PSP (Police Service of Pakistan) officer is extremely valuable and he can help the government in framing policies and guidelines to reform the Punjab police, PTI sources said. It was learnt that despite Nasir Khan Durrani’s reluctance, the PTI is striving to convince him to serve the country again. His decision is eagerly awaited.


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