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Travis Scott's team claims 'phone LOST at sea,' Astroworld lawsuit evidence GONE

Travis Scott's lost phone is hurdle in Astroworld lawsuit evidence collection

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023
Travis Scott's missing phone in Astroworld Lawsuit echoing 'Wagatha Christie' twist.

Travis Scott faced an eight-hour deposition in Houston related to the numerous lawsuits stemming from the tragic 2021 Astroworld festival, a new twist emerged.

Scott's attorney, Steve Brody, disclosed that Travis Scott's phone had suffered an extraordinary fate. He claimed that the musician's phone had "fallen off a boat in January of 2022 and landed somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and is not able to be retrieved."

This peculiar phone story bears a striking resemblance to a memorable moment in the UK libel trial involving Coleen Rooney and Rebekhah Vardy, often dubbed 'Wagatha Christie.'

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs had requested access to Scott's phone records regarding the festival, along with documents linked to his company, XX Global Inc., and key employees like Cactus Jack general manager David Stromberg.

Allegedly, Travis Scott and his team had not provided the requested documents, prompting an emergency motion from the plaintiff's side.

According to the hearing's transcript obtained by Rolling Stone, Scott's lawyer, Steve Brody, disclosed that one of the plaintiff's attorneys, Noah Wexler, had sent him a draft of the emergency motion before filing an official motion merely five hours later, leaving limited time for a response.

According to the motion filed by the plaintiff's lawyers, Scott's side had refrained from sharing texts, WeChat messages, videos, or photos from their phones, despite their existence.

The motion alleged that this omission was a result of Scott's attorneys choosing not to comply with the court's order to provide the requested data.