Justin Baldoni reveals how Taylor Swift’s songs got in 'It Ends With Us'

Justin Baldoni got candid on how Taylor Swift’s songs made it to his movie’s trailer

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Justin Baldoni credits Blake Lively for gettingTaylor Swift's songs in trailer

Justin Baldoni revealed how he got Taylor Swift to lend her song for the newly-released trailer for their movie, It Ends With Us, and he has the popstar’s best friend to credit for everything.

The 40-year-old Jane the Virgin actor told Entertainment Tonight at The Garfield Movie’s Sunday's premiere, that Lively, 36, made use of her friendship with the 34-year-old songstress to get her My Tears Ricochetin the background of the first trailer.


"That's all Blake," Baldoni said. "I have no idea [how she did it] but Blake knows everybody... her and Taylor are very good friends. I'm so happy that they agreed to have a song in the trailer, it's so perfect for the movie."

The trailer shows Baldoni and Lively, who portray Ryle Kincaid and Lily Bloom, go through the initial stages of love and romance before things go disastrous.

Baldoni also addressed the reaction the movie set pictures from May got.

"I'm just happy that the reaction has been so positive. I know fans have been waiting a long time for this and it's a very special book for a lot of reasons -- to a lot of women, especially -- and our mission is just to do right by them," Baldoni shared.