Timothée Chalamet dishes on upcoming project with Martin Scorsese

Timothée Chalamet opens up about shooting experience with Martin Scorsese

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Timothée Chalamet reveals valuable lesson learned from Martin Scorsese.

Last spring, Timothée Chalamet and Martin Scorsese collaborated on a commercial for the fragrance Bleu de Chanel, filmed on the streets of New York City.

Their shoot took them to various locations, including SoHo and elevated train stations in Astoria, where they worked late into the night.


Chalamet reminisced about their time together, highlighting Scorsese's energy despite his age of 80 at the time.

The 90-second film, inspired by Federico Fellini’s 1968 short Toby Dammit, aims to evoke a mood rather than serve as a straightforward advertisement.

According to Scorsese, creating concise yet impactful storytelling within a short time frame is one of the most challenging tasks.

Initially slated for release last fall, the commercial faced delays until its recent unveiling.

He amidst his commitments to James Mangold's biopic A Complete Unknown, surfaced to celebrate the commercial's launch.

Known for his ability to disconnect from distractions while filming, Timothee shared his appreciation for the scent of New York's Ci Siamo restaurant, likening it to a curated experience akin to 4DX technology.

He reflected on his experience filming the Bleu de Chanel commercial with Martin Scorsese during an interview with GQ.

Recalling the moments spent shooting in SoHo last spring, Chalamet highlighted two significant memories.

First, he recounted visiting Scorsese's home for dinner to discuss the commercial's concept and inspiration, drawing from filmmakers like Fellini and Scorsese's previous work with Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel. Chalamet described the experience as wonderfully familiar.

Second, Chalamet emphasized the importance of Scorsese's talent on set.