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'No justification to detain Dr Shakil'

- March 01, 2012 - Updated 430 PKT - From Web Edition

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Pakistan has no justification for holding Dr Shakil Afridi, who had a role in the CIA operation to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad.


This she said while addressing US Congress Committee. Hillary Clinton said Dr Shakil Afridi provided key information to US before the Abbotabad operation, adding that he served for the interest of both Pakistan and the US.


Clinton said Pakistan has no basis for detaining Dr Shakil.

Reader Comments
The only thing the is no justification for is American interference in our internal affairs.. Lady butt out of our affairs

United Kingdom
what else she can do, she wasnt able to take care of her husband long time ago

Pakistan has a civilian Government albeit a sham democracy made by US except actors changed, BB was brutally assassinated by a close member of her family and Musharaf who stood for honesty stripped off his power and being prevented to participate in the polls. Mrs Clinton is right in her demand of securing release of Dr Shakil a deserved winner of the bounty on Osama’s head. After one cannot fault Dr Shakil who was following Government policy to assist the US find Bin Laden dead or alive.

United Kingdom
i think usa should mind its own bussiness. dr shakil has collaborated with a foreign agency even after being a pakistani thats a cause enough.

she will determine better once will swap USA to Pakistan & Pakistan to USA. I will wait for the results respectable lady!

....and what about killing of hundreds and thousands of innocent children, women and helpless people? Do you (Ms. Clinton) have any justification for this manslaughter?

naked truth
South Korea
Agreed with Truth Hearts. If they want Dr Afridi they should release Dr Fai who they blame of using Pakistanin money to influence public opninion. Talk of morality by Zip Codes.

Just add to above comment ,he will be given green card.

United Kingdom
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