Friday October 22, 2021

DSP catches man trying to rob him of mobile phone

September 20, 2021
DSP catches man trying to rob him of mobile phone

A man was arrested on Sunday while he was trying to rob a police officer of his mobile phone in a District Central neighbourhood of Karachi.

The incident took place near Water Pump Chowrangi in Block 14 of the Federal B Area, where two men on a motorbike arrived and started robbing people’s mobile phones at gunpoint. Police said that one of the suspects got off the motorbike while his accomplice stayed on the two-wheeler so they could make a swift getaway.

The officials added that the suspect on foot first snatched a mobile phone from a citizen and then asked DSP Irfan Ahmed Khan (commonly known as Cobra) for his mobile phone while he was standing near his home.

Police said that while giving the suspect his mobile phone, the DSP snatched the robber’s pistol to foil the mugging attempt. The officials added that other people present in the surroundings also gathered, with whose help the DSP caught the suspect.

Police said that the crowd also beat up the robber and bound his limbs with rope before handing him over to the police. The officials have registered a case against him and launched an investigation.