Beauty is power; a smile is its sword…

By Asif Khan
Tue, 11, 21

This week gorgeous actress Kinza Razzak shares her beauty secret with our readers. Read on…

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword…

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Kinza Razzak is a charming actress who has won hearts by her enchanting smile. In a short span of time, Razzak has proved that she is an able actress by her powerful performances in serials like ‘Shayad’ and ‘Bewaja’. This talented actress is not only blessed with good looks, is brainy too and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Media Studies. Though Razzak is not a trained actress, she was naturally inclined towards acting. “I used to make dramas at home along with my friends and family on our handy cam in which we used to direct, act , write ourselves that gave me a green light that I could act,” says Razzak. According to Razzak, she never planned to become an actress but one of her friends persuaded her to go for acting. Encouraged by her friend and family, Razzak gave it a shot to acting and today she is counted as one of the rising stars in/of the entertainment industry.

The young actress was last seen on the screens in the hit drama serial ‘Log Kya Kahain Ge’ alongside Faisal Qureshi and the critically acclaimed web series ‘Ek Jhooti Love Story’ with Bilal Abbas Khan. Now, Razzak who has been gracing our screens in challenging roles since 2017 and has a knack for choosing her projects wisely, is all set to be seen in an exciting sports drama ‘22 Qadam’. This time, the young actress will be seen in a completely different avatar in the sports drama.

Like all females, Razzak takes care of her looks and follows a proper beauty regimen. This week, this gorgeous actress shares her beauty secret with our readers. Read on…

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword…

How old were you, when you started doing your makeup?

15 years.

What should your everyday makeup look be?

Just a little bit of concealer and mascara.

What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?


When it comes to cosmetics, which brand do you usually use?

Different brands for different purposes.

What’s in your beauty bag?

All the basics: Mascara, concealer, translucent powder, lip tint.

What are your favourite brands in lipsticks?

Huda Beauty matte lip colours.

Do you apply foundation?

Yes a bit, but it’s little tricky to properly apply foundation onto your skin.

Do you use lighter tones of foundations or warm tones?

Warm tones.

Your favourite perfume:

Miss Dior (blooming bouquet).

When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?


Do you use sunblock or any serum when you go to shoots?

I use both, sun block plus Vitamin-C serum.

Any skin care tips for college and university going girls?

Use sunblock after washing your face and use vitamin C serum, also drink lots of water.

After coming back from shoots do you cleanse your skin?

Of course, it’s a must. I use Makeup remover, micellar water, oxygen water, and glow serum at night.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword…

Hair gets damaged after straightening and blow drying. How do you manage?

In order to keep my hair healthy, I apply anti-damage spray before blow dry, apply hair mask after using shampoo and once a while I also get protein treatment.

What is your take on natural makeup or zero makeup?

I love the natural makeup look. It’s very classy.

Advice for women who can’t buy expensive brands but still want to look good:

Rather than investing in expensive brands, invest in your skin. Always remove makeup before going to bed.

One thing you can’t give up that keeps you healthy and fit?

Exercise and workout.

Do you go to salon regularly for your facials?

No. However, took hydra facial recently.

Your favourite local stylist or beautician:

Masarrat Misbah and Nabila.

Your favourite international stylist or beautician:

Huda Kattan is always coming up with new cool stuff.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword…

Your go-to place for hair and makeup:


Your beauty regimen?

I start my day by applying sun screen after washing my face. I keep my skin clean and moisturized all the time. And I make sure to remove make up at night always.

Do you use anti-aging creams?

I don’t use anti-aging creams.

Where do you go for your makeup shopping?


Do you use whitening creams?

No, but I use lots of serums and creams to keep my skin supple.

What does beauty mean to you?

I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a personal choice of an individual. What is beautiful to me, might not be the same for others.