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Tue, 05, 21

This Mother’s Day, we have compiled some common types of mothers we all are familiar with…

mother’s day

We all love our mothers. For anyone, his/her mom is the best mom in the world. However, every mother has her own style of bringing up her kids. Some mothers are way too lenient, some are way too strict, some are cool and some are old-fashioned. No matter what type of parenting style a mother would adopt to raise her children, no one can doubt her immense love for her kids. This Mother’s Day, we have compiled some common types of mothers we all are familiar with…

The Helicopter Mom

Helicopter parenting is a common term in the English language these days. Helicopter moms are the ones who follow their kids everywhere, manage their children’s relationships, and speak on behalf of their children. Hovering over most aspects of her kids’ lives, this mom pays close attention to grades, safety, and development. She’s hands-on and takes her role of finding solutions for her kids’ problems very seriously. Most helicopter moms consider themselves the better parents because of their caring, controlling nature. Children of these moms are usually a lot safer; however, it also makes them less autonomous, less self-confident, and afraid to strike out on their own.

Free-Range Mom

These moms are the complete opposite of helicopter moms. They don’t micromanage their kids’ lives, and they are more than comfortable with their kids going outside to play unsupervised. These moms let their kids roam and explore the world on their own.

The free-range mom is level-headed kind of person. She’s not likely to freak out every single time her kid spikes a fever or scrapes a knee. She let her kids play and dirt while she stays at a distance. She steps back when problems arise, offering advice and support, but allowing her kids to experience the natural consequences of their choices. This creates independent kids who are problem-solvers and creative.

The Strict Mom

The stiffest and authoritarian kind of parent. She is very firm with her rules and will stick to it until the very end. She wants her kids to be prim and proper at all times, not letting them to get hurt or to the extent of not allowing children to go out. She just wants the best for her children and that’s all that matters. Rules are rules.

Hot-mess Mom

The hot-mess mom is just what she sounds like. She’s typically late, wearing her clothes inside out, and not 100% sure of the location of all of her children. She’s in survival mode and just trying to get to nap time. She’s not great with time management, and she runs on reheated coffee and dry shampoo. She is not always the most reliable person. This parenting thing has her frazzled, and she admits that the parenting gig is hard. However, this type of mom is real and is usually chill about the little things in life. As long as everyone is alive, she calls it a good day. The hot-mess mom might be a bit of a disaster, but her heart (and priorities) is in the right place.

The Martyr Mom

This type of mom is very common. She always puts herself last, whether it’s eating, sleeping, or even basic personal hygiene. Her baby is always adorably dressed and clean, whereas she is usually rumpled, rushed, and guzzling a lukewarm latte because she didn’t have time to eat. She is never available for mom’s night out, though, because she doesn’t feel right asking anyone else to watch the baby.

The Guilt-Free Mom

In sharp contrast to the martyr mom, guilt-free mom may travel for work, go on weekend getaways with friends and to the gym regularly, and may even have time for hobbies! She doesn’t feel the least bit guilty because her very capable husband carries at least half of the child-raising and household load. She loves her kids, but doesn’t slavishly serve to their every waking need.

The Working Mom

These are the moms that have managed to balance parenthood with their careers and are able to devote enough time for both to progress and not feel like a chore. They like to get busy, be it a hobby, household chores, taking care of kids or working a full-time job. They share that trait with fitness/workout moms except they present it through a different medium. They do have their extremes though where they think any stay-at-home mom is just not trying hard enough to have a career. However, not all moms share the same drive as they might.

The Whiny Mom

The whiney mom is the Eeyore of every mom gathering. Parenting and life in general have her down. Whiny moms tend to always have problems but are never really seeking solutions. They want to complain about the messy house, the noisy kids, and the thankless parenting gig without doing anything to fix the situation. Venting to other moms may make them feel better, but it is a mood killer for the moms who have to hear it all the time.

Spoiler Mom

She is willing to do anything for her children even if it’s not good for them. Subconsciously, she let her kids boss her around. She can’t say NO to them. She will always have this excuse for the bad behaviour of her child as just ‘kids being kids’. Unintentionally, she spoils them because she can’t handle her child crying or simply, she doesn’t know any better.

The Laid-Back Mom

She’s a bit of a spoiler but in moderation. Similar to the fun mom, this mom takes each day as it comes, and isn’t aiming for perfection. The laid-back mom doesn’t get worked up about the little things. She picks her battles and goes with the flow. She’s the mom that picks her kid’s pacifier off the ground and pops in back in her kid’s mouth, no cleaning needed. She doesn’t believe in mom-guilt. In a world of stress and anxiety, we all need moms who don’t care when we haven’t showered or our home is a mess.

The Do-It-All Mom

The Do-It-All mom thrives on routine and balance. This mom spends her days juggling projects, signing her kids up for new activities, and rushing from place to place for pick-ups and drop-offs. She wants to give her kids as many opportunities and experiences as possible. She’s always on time, and her bag is overflowing with extra snacks and clothes. She’s probably a Pinterest mom, making cool crafts and snacks, and you can bet she always has a first-aid kit close by!

The Old-School Mom

Leaning on a more traditional style of parenting, this mom has high expectations for respect, responsibility, manners, and good grades. Her kids sit politely at the restaurant as they wait for dinner, and they know they can’t play after school until all of their homework is done. The old-school mom has clear rules and expectations, and her kids know how to behave to avoid time-outs, spankings, or getting grounded.

She’s not interested in modern parenting because she turned out fine, and she knows her kids will, too. The old-school mom expects a lot from her kids, and her ability to solidify herself as her kid’s parent, not friend, is worth observing.

The Perfect Mom

The one who always does everything right and always looks good doing it. She never complains, always smiles, dresses herself and her children stylishly. She has a clean house, well-behaved kids and an involved spouse. She had an easy birth and no problems breastfeeding. Surprise! This one’s a trick –- she DOESN’T EXIST.

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