Modern details, traditional allure

By A. Jafri
Tue, 05, 21

Recently, Shiza Hassan, one of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers, launched her new unstitched collection ‘Luxury Lawn’21’....


With Eid approaching closer, many stores and designer brands are launching their special collections for the occasion. And no matter how much you love modern cuts, every occasion calls for a special cause to wear something traditional.

However, if you are not into wearing something completely traditional like a shalwaar, you have a choice to add your own flare to the outfit when you get it stitched. For instance, get nice trousers made and pair it with a shirt stitched in a formal evening dress cut. It can be the perfect blend of modern and traditional that will look dapper for the occasion.

Recently, Shiza Hassan, one of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers, launched her new unstitched collection ‘Luxury Lawn’21’. The new summer collection is an encapsulation of traditional charm with a bit of extravagance and sophistication.

Known for her quality work of merging modern details into traditional allure, the collection features aesthetically pleasing designs, beautiful embroideries, and captivating colours that are just perfect for all your summer festivities.

It is sprucely embellished with decorative motifs, mirror work, flock printing, and gorgeous Kashmiri embroidery. Moreover, the crafted lawn has 20 variants consisting of lightweight fabrics such as Jacquard, schiffli organza, silk, and cambric.

Daintily designed with an oomph of modernity and grace, the designer aims to give one a sublime summer experience. The whole collection has been designed to beautifully complement the different moulds of confident and strong women around us, with variety and a timeless grace.

“We have worked tirelessly during these times as well and tried not to hold off anything in terms of bringing it to the clients. We are looking forward to a great response because this time, the struggle has been very real.

We have slogged away for bringing something entirely different from our previous collections to keep that pizzazz and essence alive in every client’s style.

Through my designs, I try to give people the margin to make their own fashion statement and be their own stylist creating a sense of comfort and luxury that is unique from the rest,” enthused Shiza.

The shoot for the collection was splendidly done at the exotic Bab Al Shams in Dubai. For that, Shiza shared, “My reason to choose Bab Al Shams in Dubai as a shoot location was always on my dream list for years that has finally been translated into reality. I particularly went all the way to shoot in that gorgeous surrounding to bring out the best of our lawn details.”

Established in 2014, Shiza Hassan specialises in bridal, formals, and luxury pret. The brand has showcased in several fashion shows since 2016. Apart from that, the brand is actively working with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), Rizq Foundation, and Qarshi Foundation.

– A. Jafri