By Erum Noor Muzaffar
Tue, 12, 20

Recently, Huma Adnan showcased her solo bridal collection at a local hotel in Karachi. In an exclusive interview with You! magazine, the talented designer talks about her work and her latest collection…


Ace designer Huma Adnan has been into designing since 2005. Her ensembles are a fine blend of clever layering of colours, textures and prints. Her label FnkAsia is a fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary cuts that redefine elegance. “My creations are an amalgamation of global fashion and my personal aesthetic, which draws from the art, craft and colours of Pakistan,” says Huma.

Running a studio in Karachi, the designer produces both FnkAsia fusion wear and Huma Adnan bridal couture pret as well as the Craft Stories series consisting a line of jewellery and handcrafted accessories made by refugee artisans based in various camps in Karachi.

Huma Adnan with the models

Huma ventured into bridals in 2017 and showcased her first bridal collection at the Bridal Couture Week 2017. Huma’s coveted bridal trousseau specially caters to young brides who are looking for a fusion of contemporary and traditional take on fashion.

Recently, Huma Adnan showcased her solo bridal collection at a local hotel in Karachi. In an exclusive interview with You! magazine, the talented designer talks about her work and her latest collection…

You! How do you define Huma Adnan’s bridals?

Huma Adnan: Huma Adnan bridals are all about craft and culture with emphasis on inclusion and responsible fashion.

You! What motivated you to do bridals?

HA: My brand Fnkasia is all about fusion wear and that is also my identity as it is the first Pakistani fusion clothing launched in 2005. The philosophy transgressed to bridals for those who love craft and Pakistani sensibilities in a trousseau fashion. I have been doing bridals for private clientele for a while now. I have been doing destination weddings, with American, British and European clients and so I thought I should do bridals on a large scale.

You! Can you tell us a bit about your latest bridal collection?

HA: The collection had anarkalis, gowns, lenghas, cholis, sarees, ghararas in bright colours for a festive feel. I used age old embroideries and mixed it with modern elements to create a bridal piece that included a lot of hand prints as well. I also used gotta kinari as finishing ornament.

You! How was your show different from the regular ones?

HA: For me, bridals should tell stories of our culture and tradition. My show was different in the sense that it emphasised on inclusiveness – showing brides with all body types – from the very young and daring to plus size girls. The show promoted inclusivity and targeted a range of women. One of the models in the headdress, was Dr Sehrish Batool, a front liner at one of the Covid wards in Karachi. The show was all about responsible evolution, inclusion, and appreciation for those who were putting their lives at risk by helping those in need.

You! Can you tell us about the jewellery your brides were wearing in your show?

HA: All the bridal jewellery was hand crafted by refugee artisans over a period of time. Each piece of jewellery in the show was carefully handcrafted by artisans in a distinctive way according to shapes and colours, allowing each design to create its own story. The artisans have now graduated to make festive jewellery and the show was also to launch our festive jewellery collection formally.

You! You have set a new trend by doing your show in daytime. What’s the idea behind it?

HA: Day time show was intentional so the media could attend during work hours which ended at a reasonable hour for the guests to reach home at a good time. The venue was at the green and splayed out gardens of Beach Luxury Hotel. As a venue selected for a late November evening in Karachi, we wanted it to provide the perfect backdrop of palm trees swaying in slow dance, blue sky dotted with puffs of white clouds and the occasional seagull skimming across the creek. The outdoor was selected to have less pollution due to the pandemic which naturally created social isolation. The focus was to enjoy the scenery emphasising on destination weddings within our homeland without taking flights and spent an exorbitant amount of money.

You! How long did it take you to complete your recent bridal collection?

HA: I had been working on the collection for the past 6 months along with the jewellery.

You! What type of material and fabric do you use in your bridal collections?

HA: I use silks, jamavar, velvets, chiffons, organza and basically a lot of hand woven silk fabrics.

You! What are the latest trends in bridal wear this season?

HA: Due to the pandemic, there are mainly intimate events happening and hence the emphasis is on lighter bridals. Concentration on colours and cuts will be more of a trend.

You! What seasonal looks and colours are you expecting for brides in 2021?

HA: I believe in bright happy colours as I feel they give energy.

You! What type of jewellery is in for brides?

HA: It really depends on the taste of an individual. Some go for heavy jewellery and some prefer light.

You! Do you take inspiration from international bridal trends?

HA: I do take inspiration from west to keep up with trends.

You! What is your pro-tip for a bride while dressing up?

HA: Both the outfit and the makeup play a very important in a bride’s look, it should be natural and should not be like a Christmas tree.

You! Do you think it will make a difference if a bride wears a designer outfit?

HA: Not at all. Designers help in creating the look that suits her best. Basically, it’s about bride’s own personality and a good bridal dress can enhance her looks.

You! In your opinion, what really makes a bride stand out – her makeup, jewellery or outfit or her confidence?

HA: Her confidence and her inborn style is what makes her beautiful.

You! How many celebrities have worn your bridal joras?

HA: Sara Khan, Noor Khan, Zara Abbas, Sonia Hussayn, Hania Amir, Hareem Farooq, to name a few.

You! What skills according to you are important for a designer to be successful?

HA: Creativity, innovation and attention to detail.

You! Do you think social media and technical factors have effected fashion over the years?

HA: Yes, social media plays a major role in the success of a brand now.

You! A word of advice for brides to be?

HA: Be yourself.

You! What are you currently working on?

HA: I am working on festive jewellery and more bridals.

You! What kinds of future plans do you foresee for your brand?

HA: I would like to make it global. The next year will be about responsible fashion. We have the power to make a difference by being responsible and taking positive action within fashion industry by creating sustainable models.