Of chic cuts & makeovers

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 09, 20

This week You! features some top trends that will inspire you to get back into some fun makeovers and fashion once again...


If there was ever a time for fashion to reinvent itself, that time is right now. As we slowly ease into our routines post-lockdown, people are starting to frequent their closets and wardrobes once more. No doubt the fashion industry took a big hit due to the pandemic, but there is hope that some things might change for the better. While fashion trends will come and go, there's a chance that the focus will now be more on quality and longevity of the look rather than the number of looks they can churn out. The pandemic has taught many designers and fashionistas how to stay on-trend and stay light on your wallet at the same time. With the fall season right around the corner, you might be itching for a few fresh ideas to get dressed. This week You! features some ideas that hopefully inspires you to get that sartorial funk out and back into some fun makeovers and fashion once again...

Staying nostalgic

Nostalgic fashion can be used as a form of escapism as consumers face global issues including the pandemic, recession and civil unrest. In the '70s, we saw a big shift in politics and culture - drawing parallels with the current climate. Elements such as earth tones, relaxed and flowy silhouettes evoke nostalgia while being wearable enough for every day. In a recently held Virtual Fashion show, this theme reverberated with many designers that showcased their collections. Paying tribute to the eastern roots and traditions, Al-Karam's collection 'Esfir' consisted of nostalgic traditional prints using vibrant hues including fuchsia, amethyst, tangerine, jade green and cerulean sky blue transposed onto traditional silhouettes. For us, shirts paired with voluminous shararas or ghararas and shalwar pants will be a timeless trend. Embellished with exquisitely intricate embroidery, these outfits offer a practical approach towards fashion post-lockdown.

Returning to minimalism

Pre-COVID, heavily embellished wedding wear were well-loved among the brides. Now that the brides have gotten a taste of simplistic wedding wear, designers have caught on to their demand. One of these designers is Maheen Karim, who featured a capsule collection which used pure and sumptuous fabrics. It included modern silhouettes from a contemporary tunic and trouser look to a stunning evening wear sari. Delicately embellished, these outfits can be dressed up or down depending on your style.

Similarly, Kayseria went a similar route with its collection 'Umeed' which was modelled by Maha Tahirani. This collection was specifically designed to shine in online weddings, using finely embroidered fabrics including velvet, raw and pure silks, premium fine Khaddar and Lawn Karandi. The voluminous and long outfits including opera coats, sleek tunics, shararas are versatile as they can be easily styled with different dupattas in contrast.

Befriending your accessories

If you love chunky accessories and like getting creative with it, this is your time to shine. Spicing up your outfits with accessories will make it feel like you have something new to wear with clothes you already own. Since we are heading towards easy to wear formals and simple attires, accessories will be a key feature that will really define your sense of style. You can mix, match and contrast as you like. Jhumkas and elaborate headpieces will be a favourite for any formal occasion. And when it comes to a casual setup, you can opt for a nice chunky necklace and bracelets which will surely give your personalised touch to any outfit you don.

Playing makeover

Whether it's for a formal or casual occasion, your hair and makeup can help you wear your outfit in many different ways. However, since it's a humid weather nowadays, wearing layers and layers on makeup isn't wise. A sheer foundation or a BB cream will be enough for the base and then you can top off with powder blush, contour and highlight. As we are heading towards the fall season, your skin might look a little duller than usual. You can easily fix this with a highlighter - golden hue complements brown tones very well. Just blend in some ambient powder or a highlighter on the high points of your face (cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid's bow) to beam up your skin. A light smokey eye with a touch of shimmer will be a nice go-to with a nice nude lip or a red lip to match, depending on the time and occasion.

As for your hair, if you have long hair, wear it up in a classic up-do. For short-haired femmes, opt for some loose curls for a formal getup.



Adeela Akmal


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