Fatima Zara Mallick

By Asif Khan
Tue, 07, 20

Let’s now look at the likes and dislike of this multi-talented performer....

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After  making a sensational debut with television serial ‘Wafa Kar Chalay’, rising actor Fatima Zara Mallick is fast becoming a league of her own. The choice of her roles and the way she gets to sink her teeth into those challenging characters, clearly displays her versatility as an artist of competence and calibre. With her intricate roles in serials ‘Pakeeza Phuppo’ and ‘Zaibaish’ with legendary Bushra Ansari, she outshines herself and emerges as a much better actor than she ever was, free of her inhibitions and simply flawless.

Studied and grew up in Italy, Fatima preferred Arts, History and Fashion as her favourite subjects. Things in her life changed when she came back to Pakistan and started her own workout fitness boutique. It got so popular that stars like Nadia Hussain, Mahira Khan, Sanam Jang, Mawra Hocane etc. started coming there to attain their fitness goals under her able guidance. Courtesy to her ravishing looks, she was offered to model and she came out with campaigns for designers and brands like Sonia Batla, Maheen Kareem, Zainab Chottani, Sanam Chaudhary, Natasha, Sherzad and Depilex. Apart from modelling and acting, she has also served as an RJ and celebrity host for a FM Channel and a couple of morning shows. One of the crowning moment of her career was hosting for the star studded red carpet of ‘International Pakistan Prestige Awards’ held in Oslo, Norway, last year. Let’s now look at the likes and dislike of this multi-talented performer.

  • Your claim to fame project:

My fitness studio.

  • Your biggest assets:

My family.

  • You wish you could:

I could clone myself so I get more work done.

  • Your biggest strength:

My focus and patience.

  • Something you’re strongly possessive about:

I would say, my time.

  • When feeling low you prefer:

To exercise and workout.

  • Your worst nightmare:

Nothing really. I think every challenge brings an opportunity so I'm not afraid of anything.

  • If you could be another person who would you like to be?

Hmm… haven’t thought about it.

  • Something you would like to remember?

Things that make me smile.

  • Something you would like to forget?

Even the bad things just make us stronger so nothing.

  • Something you dislike about yourself?

I don't have a work-life balance and that’s end up leaving me having not enough time for family.

  • Something you like about yourself?

I never give up.

  • Your definition of love is…


  • What touches you the most?


  • What bores you the most?

Company of fake people.

  • What turns you on?

A man with good manners, a perfect gentleman, precisely.

  • One person you would like to dine out with:

The professor from ‘Money Heist’.

  • How would you describe yourself?

A hardcore perfectionist.

  • Your goals?

To be the best (at everything I do).

  • The biggest misconception about you…

People think that I have an attitude problem which is untrue as I keep myself reserved when I meet somebody new.

  • Unforgettable moment of your life?

There have been many but I think the best thing happened when my book on the topic of Art history was published with the title ‘Bernini: A study in Attribution’.

  • Your message:

Stay busy and stay motivated!