A bohemian artist

By Rohama Riaz
Tue, 05, 20

This week You! features Madiha Qaiser, a Lahore based makeup artist…


While we all are religiously obeying social distancing, there is a lot of time on our hands to utilise in polishing our skills. Some are trying to perfect a specific dish; some are learning new makeup tactics and some are indulging themselves into learning some new knacks.

And, a lot of us would love to read more and more about makeup from some exceptionally amazing makeup artists in the town. We got a chance to talk to seasoned makeup artist Madiha Qaiser, who has been in the beauty business for 11 years. “I’ve put in a lot of practice and research in developing my style and art,” says Madiha. And her work speaks eloquently of her distinctive style.

This week this self-taught artist shares some new trends in the world of makeup and beauty from her massive experience in the respective field.

You! How did you begin your career in the world of beauty?

Madiha Qaiser: I’ve been in the industry since 2009. I have worked with designers, makeup artists, fashion weeks, photo shoots, film sets and I discovered the love for makeup and beauty. Hence, I decided to start my own freelance work in 2013 and built my studio in 2018.

You! What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

MQ: I would say I was always interested in makeup and fashion while I was growing up. In my past jobs, I got to experience different areas of style and beauty but I was most drawn to makeup and skincare.

You! What made you open your own studio?

MQ: I wanted to expand my business and have a dedicated space for shoots, makeup appointments, makeup classes, and meetings. My studio space allows me do more bridal appointments, makeup classes and beauty shoots which I can share on my Instagram.

You! What’s latest in makeup this season?

MQ: The latest this season is exaggerated eyes, pops of blue, colourful eye makeup, but also sheer makeup, classic winged eyeliner and red lips.

You! What makeup trends are totally over?

MQ: I feel Insta brows, over lined lips, matte lips, and blunt contouring are over.

You! What kind of hair styles are in this season?

MQ: I’d say bouncy glossy curls, long hair (length is back), braids, and textured lob.

You! What kind of look is in vogue among brides?

MQ: I try not to follow trends when it comes to bridal makeup. We always suggest the brides to go with a classic look so when they look at their pictures years from now it won’t look outdated.

You! What are your three favourite makeup products?

MQ: My three favourite makeup products are concealer, highlighter, and eyelash curler.

You! Your favourite brands in cosmetics?

MQ: Favourite brands are NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ofra, Chanel, and M.A.C..

You! Are women in Pakistan becoming more experimental when it comes to makeup?

MQ: Yes, I think so especially the younger generation.

You! What are some of the most common mistakes women tend to make while choosing makeup?

MQ: Buying a lighter shade of foundation, not understanding their skin type, tone or texture.

You! What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?

MQ: Anything you’d need to touch up your makeup with like tinted lip balm/ lipstick, mirror and compact powder.

You! What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

MQ: Some beauty mistake are not addressing to skin issues, not curling lashes, not moisturising skin and lips.

You! What is the biggest challenge a makeup artist face?

MQ: Dealing with difficult clients and negotiating with payments.

You! How do you wish to make a change in the beauty scene in Lahore?

MQ: By being true to myself and my style. I think consistency is key in doing that. Doing my work whole heartedly as well as, teaching makeup in order to empower and equip women for the future.

You! Are there any trends that you absolutely love?

MQ: I like the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

You! What are some of the colours a woman of regular Eastern skin tone should never try?

MQ: I think it’s best to avoid neon lip colours.

You! In summers, what colours you suggest for women to wear when it comes to makeup?

MQ: I’m obsessed with monochromatic looks. The use of one colour in different tones looks beautiful. I think peachy tones would be great for summer.

You! Any makeup tip you would like to share with your readers?

MQ: More than makeup I’d suggest taking care of your skin and drinking lots of water. Clear skin is the best canvas for flawless makeup.

You! Describe your make up style in three words?

MQ: Pretty, sleek, sophisticated.

You! What do you love most about your job?

MQ: Most important aspect of my job is making women feel beautiful. I love meeting new people and creating new looks.

You! Do you think social media are good tools to popularise your work? (Especially for upcoming makeup artists)

MQ: Yes, absolutely! It is a great way to market and express yourself.

You! What are you currently working on or preoccupied with?

MQ: My last big project was a film called ‘Kamli’ starring Saba Qamar and directed by Sarmad Khoosat. Currently, I am maintaining social distance in order to keep myself and my mom safe from coronavirus.

You! What are your future endeavours or plans?

MQ: Future plans are a top secret but mainly getting out of this pandemic together.