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Zahid Ahmed says there is no limit to creativity in the digital age

By Buraq Shabbir
Mon, 02, 20

After impressing viewers with his performance in the recently concluded drama serial Ishq Zah e Naseeb, theatre-turned-TV actor Zahid Ahmed is gearing up for his film debut opposite Saba Qamar later this year. In a recent interview with Instep, the actor spoke about expanding to various mediums to let creativity flow rather than hindering it.

When asked about his take on channels dictating the creative process and how he, as an actor, can improve the situation, he admitted that there is nothing wrong with it.

He explained, “The situation is very different nowadays as far as supply and demand is concerned; the landscape has totally changed. There are multiple channels churning out numerous dramas compared to the past when there was just PTV and a limited number of projects.”

“Channels try to filter or assess content because it is a part of their job; it is important because it is coming out on national TV,” he added. “If there was no creative liberty, then how are we able to produce dramas like Udaari, Inkaar, Ishq Zah e Naseeb, etc.? It is a simple matter of business and channels are very clear about their audience.”

However, Zahid did mention that if any artist still feels suppressed due to lack of creative liberty, they can always expand their horizons. “The game has totally changed; digital is at your mercy. Now there are other platforms one can explore. Content is king and there is so much of it; there is no reason to collide with a system, there are so many systems so branch out,” he concluded.