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Sakina Samo to voice the unheard with debut feature, Intezaar (Waiting)

By Buraq Shabbir
Mon, 02, 20

Featuring Khalid Ahmad, Samina Ahmed and Kaif Ghaznavi in key roles, the film is scheduled to release nationwide on March 20, this year.

Veteran actor, director and producer Sakina Samo is gearing up for her debut feature, Intezaar (Waiting) that is releasing on March 20, 2020 under the banner of Distribution Club. Featuring Samina Ahmed, Khalid Ahmad, Kafi Ghaznavi and Raza Ali Abid in prominent roles, in addition to Adnan Jaffer, the trailer of the film came out earlier this month.

It is a sweet and subtle yet a powerful take on family, life and blood relations, particularly, the relationship between parents and their grown-up children. Khalid Ahmad and Samina Ahmed steal the show while Kaif brings her A-game to the table.

Kaif Ghaznavi and Khalid Ahmad in a still from Intezaar, directed and produced by Sakina Samo.

Intezaar, as the name suggests, is a story of a family in waiting. Even amidst growing despair they somehow find reasons to celebrate life, live on and continue waiting for what’s to come.

With script penned by Bee Gul of Dar Si Jati Hai Sila fame and music by Darvesh, Intezaar is directed and produced by Sakina Samo. In a recent social media post, Samo noted that she admires films that reflect humanity, hope and compassion and that she is aiming to achieve the same with Intezaar. “To utilize cinema, to create art and showcase voices that might otherwise never be heard,” she asserted.

“Many of us only know Bollywood and Hollywood cinema but there is another cinema: European, Eastern European and Persian Cinema,” she mentioned in another post. “They tell ordinary stories in an extraordinary manner. I grew up with that, I thrive on that and I learn and grow on that kind of cinema that gives hope; that gives food for the soul. That is the cinema I want to see grow, be welcomed in and entertained in Pakistan.”

Kaif Ghaznavi, who essays a key role in the film, shared the trailer of Intezaar and captioned, “A heartfelt story and an emotional role to perform.”

Given the names attached to the upcoming film and their experience in the industry, we are hopeful it is going to offer a parallel and individual take on Pakistani cinema. Intezaar looks very promising and we hope to see on the big screen, next month.