Spilling the sass!

By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 02, 20

This classic 2020 forecast is something you can make your notes on. Take your pick and spill some sass to rock these oh-so-amazing looks this year...

Let your eyeliner float


The onset of a fresh decade means there are new and exciting things to do to your face! A gazillion of makeup trends are making their way in 2020 but to be honest, makeup has never been about following any trends. You can be creative as much as you can.

More so than ever before, makeup is about embracing experimentation, and simply doing you. Wear that bright lipstick colour, try that bold liner look, wear crystals or glitter when you feel like it. Why? Because you can.

This week You! tapped a few makeup looks you will see everywhere in 2020 globally.

This classic 2020 forecast is something you can make your notes on. Take your pick and spill some sass to rock these oh-so-amazing looks this year...

Glass skin & accent inner corners

Glass Skin

One favourite trend that’s here to stay is glowing, glass skin, which you can achieve by slathering a mixture of moisturisers, cream highlighters, and oils to beam your face up. Use strobe cream after moisturising, but before foundation to give the skin a lit-from-within glow. Also, make sure to only use setting powders in certain areas on the face so your skin doesn’t look too oily.

Feathered, fluffy eyebrows

R.I.P. to the days of drawing on your brows like your life depends on it. Embracing undone, lived-in, full brows is the wave now. Brows are starting to look more like brows and less like cartoons.

People are getting into the groove of using brow pens to mimic their natural hair with beautiful shapes.

Bringing back the colour-block

Adding that the popularity of innovative brow treatments like Brow Laminations are making ‘Instagram Brows’ and are a thing of the past. It is time to get into feathered brows and use an unexpected trick to get them:

You can create feathered brows by using soap, which is an old school Hollywood trick, suggested by Marie Claire. 

Also, pair a precise angled brush with brow pomade and make hairlike strokes through the brow, which really gives the brow a fuller, more precise look.

Then, take a product which is like soap in a container, and rub it through the brows with a mascara wand for a feathered effect.

Floating eyeliner

Instead of traditional black eyeliner looks, we are expecting to see lots of lots of floating bright colours. To create the eyeliner shade you’ve ever dreamed of, all you need is a white eyeliner pencil and a sharp angled brush, gently press a bright eyeshadow into the shape you create with an eye shadow colour of your choice.


Monochromatic makeup was the move in 2019, but what about the opposite? Intentional colour-blocking with vivid shades is another cool way to experiment with colour. Whether it’s pairing a blue eye shadow with an orange lip, or using a popping red shadow with a brown blush, try having more fun with colour. For a while, people were scared to use colour but luckily everyone is starting to embrace it more - whether it’s a pop of colour on the eyes or a bare eye and a bright lip, it’s makeup! It’s supposed to be fun yet gorgeous!

Watercolour eyes with a hint of shimmer

Watercolour eyes

You might as well start getting your makeup ready for spring. Using a soft blending brush, take a pastel pink blush or eye shadow and pop it into the eyelid and crease of your eyes. Use the blending brush to create a soft hue that wraps around your eyes. You can also use lilacs and lavender eye shadows.

Living for the blownout blush

Blown-out blush

Try wearing popping blush in pinks and corals to make a statement. And, not just on the apples of the cheeks, but also high on the cheeks, into the temples, and diffusing into the eye shadow.

Fresh skin and accent inner-corners

A little bit of colour goes a long way. Keep your makeup fresh by focusing on clean skin and a funky eye. To keep your skin fresh and glossy, prep with Makeup Revolution Brightening Booster Drops followed by Makeup Revolution Concealer and foundation for a flawless finish. Then, add a pop of colour to the inner-corners of your eyes. Adding a colour in the tear duct of your eyes is just enough edge to make your makeup pop.

Flattering flutter & feather eyebrows

Glitter & crystals

Even if this means simply pressing corresponding glitter over your eye shadow, or painting it along your eyeliner, it’s so easy and always magical. Stila’s liquid glitter eye shadows can always be one’s mess-free and easy go-to when it comes to glitter. To make it look chunkier and pigmented, you can always use glitter glues before applying the glitters.

Negative space

Makeup artists and makeup junkies alike are pushing themselves more and more. There’s only so much warm, bronzy textbook glam we can look at daily. Negative space just means leaving part of the eye unpainted; usually it is the lid with a bold cut crease. But you can try all kinds of shapes, lines, and colours. 2020 is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and getting creative.

Less powder, more dew

We are evolving from powder products - which are still good for certain things - to more beautiful, creamy, dewy skin. Dewy looks are good to have a fresh, younger looking skin.