Smothered in velvet

By A. Jafri
Tue, 01, 20

GulAhmed recently launched its Royal Velvet collection, ‘Noor-e-Chasham’ with a grand evening of glamour and fashion in Karachi.....


When the harsh winds and frigid evenings make their entrance, it can be hard to conjure up visions of going-out looks that won’t leave you frozen. You may think of embellished booties, ethnic shawls, and bright statement coats galore. But, velvet might not be your top choice.

But, fret not.’90s revival means that the velvet fashion trend is back. This sumptuous fabric can be elegant and luxurious. The best part, velvet does not only fit well for fancy parties but also into casual looks, especially if you want to give them a fashionable twist. Velvet fashion comes in shapes and sizes, but a velvet dress might be your most prudent purchase when it comes to creating standout party or casual looks.

Fortunately, we are very well into the chilly season. And, winter seems to add another level of complexity in looking cute. It is that season where you’ll just have to add a couple of necessary but most times difficult to put together outfits into your fashion looks. All these, because you have to keep yourself warm but not so warm that you find yourself sweating. This is where velvet comes in. It is possible to look both stylish and equally comfortable with your outfits every single day. Thankfully, our designers and brands have made it easier for us.

GulAhmed recently launched its Royal Velvet collection, ‘Noor-e-Chasham’ with a grand evening of glamour and fashion in Karachi. The event started with a breathtaking thematic Fashion Showcase of versatile pieces in the Noor-e-Chasham collection that were modelled through a beautiful wedding story that enlightened our spirits over the joy of wedding season! The excitement doubled as the top names of the city joined to celebrate the launch. Mehwish Hayat attended the show in a stunning ensemble and added more beauty to the evening.

Noor-e-Chasham is an exclusive unstitched velvet collection that is a perfect ode to the glitzy winter wedding season. The ethereal masterpieces are specially designed to bring ease to formal wear by encapsulating modern and traditional designs in complete three piece suits.

Happy shopping!

–– A. Jafri