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Mohammad Ahmed praises Bilal Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar

By Buraq Shabbir
Fri, 01, 20

One actor who has appeared in numerous drama serials in 2019 is Mohammad Ahmed. From Suno Chanda to Deewar e Shab to Ruswai to the most prominent, Mere Paas Tum Ho, he’s played important roles in all of them. In a recent interview with Instep, the writer-actor spoke about some new-age actors who he believes have great potential.

According to him, Ahmed Ali Akbar, who he recently worked with in Laal Kabootar, is a brilliant actor and an amazing person to work with. The two also feature in ongoing drama serial Ehd e Wafa.

He also spoke about Bilal Abbas, who headlines an upcoming web series called Ek Jhooti Love Story, directed by Mehreen Jabbar, which Mohammad Ahmed is also a part of. “Bilal Abbas is a thinking actor; he is choosy. In Cheekh, he nailed a negative character that one would hate but he still managed to make people fall in love with him,” noted Mohammad Ahmed.

He added, “He is the only actor, besides Ahmed Ali Akbar, who gets into the scene an hour before the shoot and doesn’t talk to anyone. They have their process; Naseeruddin Shah does the same. Bilal is quiet even when everyone else in the room is chatting. He stays in the character; I learned a lot from him.”

Speaking of female actors, he mentioned Sana Javed, his co-star in Ruswai, Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi and Hajra Yamin from whom he has high hopes. Mohammad Ahmed also mentioned that he would want to see Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed sharing the screen.

As for Mohammed Ahmed’s own projects, the actor is gearing up for multiple upcoming dramas that he is presently shooting for.

– Watch this space for a full interview in Instep On Sunday.