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The Donkey King to release in Colombia on January 9

By Buraq Shabbir
Thu, 01, 20

Aziz Jindani’s animated feature, The Donkey King released in Pakistan on October 13, 2018, and generated decent figures at the local box office. Since then, the film has released in five countries besides Pakistan and as we enter 2020, the list has extended to yet another region. The film is all set to have a theatrical release in Colombia later this month.

“The Donkey King will kick off the New Year with dubbed theatrical release in Colombia on January 9, 2020,” writer-director of the film, Aziz Jindani told Instep, adding, “This is the 6th international release of the film after Turkey, Spain, South Korea, Ukraine and Russia.”

Sharing his sentiments on taking the film to various locations worldwide, Jindani expressed, “It’s particularly heartening to see that the film has found resonance with international audiences worldwide, reaffirming the fact that ideas built around universal insights can transcend geographical boundaries.”

The Donkey King follows the life of a donkey who ends up becoming a king by chance, but as he realizes what ruling and being powerful entails, gives it his best shot. The animated film features voiceover artists Jan Rambo as the protagonist Jan Mangu (the donkey), Ismail Tara as Pehalwan Chacha, Hina Dilpazeer as Miss Fitna, Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan and Jawed Sheikh as Changu (Mangu’s father), among others.