Pretty & playful

By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 09, 19

This season’s jewellery trends are playful and unapologetically bold. It is all about making a statement.....

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Shoes and bags get all the attention when it comes to runway accessories, however, if there is one thing that can amp up your look like no other, it is jewellery. All the fashionistas out there, it’s time to stop underestimating the power of great jewellery. This year, designers definitely didn’t hold back on the accessory front - the runways brought us bold pieces like mismatched earrings, architectural shapes, dangling crystals, multicoloured resin, layered chains, and more.

This season’s jewellery trends are playful and unapologetically bold. It is all about making a statement. The bigger and flashier, the better. Give your wardrobe an instant update by embracing one of the hottest jewellery trends, we have lovingly compiled for you...

High-style hoops

The hoop - a classic earring worn by everyone from Sade and Clara Bow to Victoria Beckham and Georges Bizet’s Carmen - is back, with Cardi B, Hailey Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez all wearing them. This season, the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss next to your stunning face. They vary in drop - from discreet mini hoops to gigantic shoulder-grazers.

Layered necklaces

Necklaces add instant pop to an outfit, finish a look and add some flair to a basic ensemble. For fall, there are some great necklace trends to consider, many of which have been around for some time. The good news is if you may already have some necklaces in your wardrobe from last season that will probably work just as well this year.

Chains of all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere from the runway to the new-arrival sections of fine jewellery designers all over the world. From layers on layers of gold chains to chunky, retro pendants paired with dainty chokers, layering your necklaces has become an art that our favourite It girls have quickly mastered.

Piling on the necklaces is an excellent way to polish up your look, whether you’re headed to a business meeting or a music festival.

Mismatched layered necklaces

Necklace layering has been in fashion for a long time and this isn’t going to change in 2019. However, this year its taking it to a whole new level. The aim is to mix up different necklace styles without matching them. You can add pendants, chains and necklaces in various sizes and styles. Medallions, gemstones and unusual stones in general are the order of the day as well as necklaces with celestial or floral motifs. Styling that mingles thick and thin chains and beads create a refined look that’s more modern.

Lucky charms

The nostalgic jewellery trend you loved as a child is officially back, and designers are jumping on the bandwagon faster than you can. This trend in particular is one you can make your own, as the options of charms are endless. Ward off bad vibes with 14k amulets, or look to the stars with a zodiac pendant. Want to go travelling more in 2019? Pick out a travel charm. Need protection from the evil eye? Pick out a nazar boncuk charm. Lucky charms are very hot right now and are the perfect symbol of repelling evil that may persist around you!

Celestial jewellery

Celestial jewellery is a trend we see popping in and out of the sartorial world like clockwork. Well, it just so happens that the stars aligned and the trend is back again to make our dreams come true. Sun, star, and moon motifs are showing up on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings this spring. These statement sunbeam earrings add some pizzazz to a special occasion outfit.

Designers had us feeling starry eyed with this seasons celestial trend making a standout appearance on the fashion runways of the world. Star earrings, crescent moons and other whimsical symbols were a huge focus amongst both prints and jewellery, with designers such as Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Fausto Puglisi incorporating the cosmic trend in their shows.

Flower power

Flowers of all shapes and sizes doused the models on the fashion runways, and we are here for it. Whether you opt for a delicate flower pendant or a mini garden on your ears, this is one trend that has us actually feeling like florals are a groundbreaking trend for this season.

When it comes to floral inspired jewellery, it’s best to get creative. Flower-shaped jewellery comes in all different sizes and designs. Be on the lookout for geometric or unusual buds.


From enamel to metal to glass, beads are officially back and better than ever. Today, beaded jewellery is as popular in the fashion scene as it has always been throughout the centuries. Fashion ramps are filled with women wearing necklaces embellished with small beads and colourful pendants. Go with gold for a classic option or opt for something multicolored to liven up your look. For a bold look, try colorful enamel beads.

Handmade design jewellery with fashionable beads is truly unique and can never be duplicated.

Beading is an art. You can create and introduce new bead patterns with your imagination and by knowing the right techniques. Making your own custom jewellery with the use of quality and stunning colours, shapes and sizes of beads can bring out your beauty and your personality.

Bold colours

Bold colours are in, leaving the neutrals of yesteryear behind. Striking pinks, purples, greens, blues and yellows are making their way into jewellery designs as gemstones, enamel and even fabric. You can use colour theory to good effect by picking out pieces that complement each other.

Enamel jewelry has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last season and all signs show that it’s going to be around for at least another season. The reason we love this trend so much is because it allows you to play with colours and fun designs.