A day with the prince

By S. K
Tue, 08, 19

At the event, the famous brand’s character, Prince, welcomed everyone in the biggest inflatable castle ever in Pakistan...


Karachi rarely offers any activities when it comes to kids’ entertainment and fun. There are a few amusement parks, gaming zones and public places where parents would take their children for a day full of excitement. Keeping this in mind, Prince Biscuits recently organised the Prince Grand Adventure Carnival at Expo Center Karachi. It was an evening full of unstoppable entertainment, fun and adventure with a truck loaded with biscuits to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. Also, it was fun to see celebrities with their tiny tots playing and enjoying in the carnival.

At the event, the famous brand’s character, Prince, welcomed everyone in the biggest inflatable castle ever in Pakistan! A giant jumping castle was what had kids jumping up and down in excitement as soon as they entered the carnival. Next were the various game stalls like Hit the Cans, Bowling, train ride, the brand’s mascot Prince in all his fineries on horseback are some of the highlights of Adventure Carnival. Moreover, there was brilliant execution by Prince where fun and adventure was given life in the form of the carnival. The presented story unfolded with the evil-knieval Mustachio going after Prince and stealing his sword and creating havoc in Princeland. To win Prince’s sword back, Kids at the carnival were recruited for Prince Army and an astonishing number of around 15,000 entries were received for it.

The attendees experienced this fantasy right before their eyes. The brand believes in engaging kids in fun activities which allows them to learn social skills, be imaginative, builds on their creativity and helps them work on their cognitive skills.

The event was star studded with celebrities including, Sadia Imam with her daughter, Muneeb Butt, Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman, Faizan Sheikh, Fatima Effendi with her son, Ahmed Shah, Sami Khan with his brother Adi Khan, Nadia Hussain with her kids, Momal Sheikh with her son and Ali Noor with family and GM Marketing of Continental Biscuits, Sami Wahid was also present.

Finally, the day was saved and Prince got his sword back from the mischievous Mustachio, all thanks to his brave army!

— SK