Let your heels do the talking

By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 06, 19

If the slowly rising temperatures have you inspired to change up your wardrobe.....


If the slowly rising temperatures have you inspired to change up your wardrobe, you’re not alone. But just because it’s a new season, doesn’t mean you need a new wardrobe. In fact, changing up your look for summer could be as easy as buying a new pair of sandals.

Summer is the official season to show off your feet and pedicure. When it’s that time of the year when get to let your toes soak up the sun, the functional and fashionable sandals are the summer must-haves. Whether for summer getaway, city walk or weekend party, sandals are the ultimate fashion statement to enhance your summer ensemble with the delightful trendy touch.

High heels give a glamorous look when paired with smart summer fashionable outfits. They are something like neckties for women. You can choose heels according to your interest and comfort like stilletoes, peeptoes, kitten heels etc. 

Designers like Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Gucci are offering exciting designs and colourful high heels to choose from. So, girls, it’s time to ditch those old sandals you’ve worn out and trade them in for a pair that will turn heads. Investing in a statement pair of heels is a smart choice because you can re-wear them again and again with all your favourite outfits.

Heels through the years

From their conception, heels have been meant to elevate physically, bestowing a superior posture but also perceived power or prestige from the added stature. In one of their first modern appearances, Catherine de Medici wore heels at her presentation to the French court in 1533, wanting the event to be memorable. By 1580, heels up to 5 inches tall were all the rage for both men and women of the upper class, a sign of both wealth and social position.

Modern elevated shoes were born in Paris, invented and then reinvented for western fashion as the classic high heels we recognise today. The first came in the 17th century at the court of King Louis XIV. The second came in the 1950s when Dior designer Roger Vivier put steel rods into the shafts of skinny stilettos, raised their height to three inches or more, and encouraged regular women to wear them in daily life. Vivier, a Frenchman, had been making custom high heels for the likes of Josephine Baker and Queen Elizabeth II since the 1930s. He was among the first mainstream designers to push his creations to the edges of practicality and into the realm of art. It was his work with Dior in the 1950s that finally made the look de rigueur.

Different types of heels

As Marilyn Monroe said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” It couldn’t be put more aptly! If there’s one type of shoe we can’t get enough of, it’s high heels. Maybe not the type of shoes our feet are the most happy about, but still definitely what the eye wants. From classic pumps to sexy stilettos, strappy summer sandals or party heels, we want them all. Let’s take a closer look at the types of heels which are always trending, basically the ones that are always seen on the runway.

Stilettoes: Want to take your high heel game to the next level? Enter stilettoes! The higher the heel, the more feminine we feel. These are at least 3-4 inches tall, that gives great height with confident personality. Wear your favourite pair of stiletto heels with jeans for a surprising chic look, or complete your formal wear with a pair of metallic stilettoes.

High Heel Sandals: We’re super excited about this one! High heel sandals, or dress sandals, might be the coolest type of heels out there. We love the sexy, but chic look they add to all of your outfits. Our favourites are the ones with transparent heels. They are guaranteed to make a fashion statement and will upgrade your looks within seconds.

Wedge: Wedge heels are probably one of the most comfortable pair of heels on the planet. There are various types of wedges - strappy wedges, closed shoe wedges, oxford wedges, boot wedges and many more. Wedge heels are the perfect types of heels for dresses - they look great with long maxi dresses. You can also pair wedges with bell bottoms and a cute top - it’s the ultimate chic casual look.

Spool: Spool heels, also known as hourglass heels, are heels which are wide at the top and bottom and narrow in the middle. These are the perfect girls sandals heels when you’re trying to balance comfort and fashion.

Platform: Of all the different types of high heels, these ones are probably the most stylish whilst being super comfortable. Platform heels basically have a sort of platform under the front of the shoe for added comfort.

Block: We love the chunky heel trend of the hippie era and were more than pleased when this bold type of heel made its comeback. With the perfect heel height but firm enough to properly support you, this sandal will keep your walk sturdy while looking fashionable. Block heels are very easy to pull off as they go with everything. It’s hard to style block heels in the wrong way.

Sandal Slides: The very easy slip-on design is so hassle-free and offer a modern look with their simplicity silhouette. The sandal slides of this summer are coming back with new makeover of futuristic transparent summary look. There are also toe loop designs for total casual chic. For a fanciful style, the timeless strap uppers are updated with fun and playful sculptural heels to set a difference.

A Summery Affair:

Recently, leading footwear brand Borjan unveiled their latest footwear collection ‘A Summery Affair’ at a fashion week in Lahore.

Keeping up with the latest trends locally and globally, the brand’s Summer 2019 collection introduces vibrant eye catching colours, latest laser cut techniques, lush materials in shimmers and metallics with extra details on embellishments, in order to ensure that all of its patrons are putting their best foot forward. The collection’s vibrant colours target the free spirited women of today.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Usama Bilal; Marketing Manager of Borjan said, “The brand has always put fashion as its key differentiating factor when it comes to the footwear industry in Pakistan. Our shoes are always in sync with the latest fashion trends. We have always supported Pakistani fashion at all levels. Every season our dedicated teams of designers ensure that Borjan is adding to the fashion needs of our clients for all their specific requirements from bridal to party shoes for both men and women of all walks of life.”


Text: Nida Mohsin

Hair & makeup: Nabila

Photography: Faisal Farooqui

Footwear: Borjan

Show director: Sadia Siddiqui