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By Maria Shirazi
Tue, 07, 18

This week, You! takes a look at some of the makeup trends in a recent shoot featuring Meera...


This week, You! takes a look at some of the makeup trends in a recent shoot featuring Meera...

It is true that one needs good skin to appear beautiful. However, it is makeup that helps enhance one's features. Nobody can deny the magic of beauty, a dash of blush or a coat of mascara instantly brightens up your face. Not to forget our beloved lipstick; apply a bright lip shade and it will add a pop of colour to your face. 

But at times it becomes a feat to stay updated with the latest beauty trends. So this week, You! shares some makeup trends that our very own Meera is sporting in this shoot. She looks glamorous flaunting the dewy skin and bold eyes. Read on, and stay ahead of the beauty curve this season...

Smoke it up

We have seen it on the runways a million times and we just can't get over this trend. Be it a casual lunch or a dinner party, smokey eye makeup is the way to go. For a subtle look, apply black winged eyeliner and use a small shader brush to put on the brown shadow over the whole lid. The key is to stretch a little shadow a long way. Blend the edges thoroughly with a clean brush for that flawless and seamless finish, then apply a little of your favourite mascara to the upper lashes. If you want a dramatic look, then switch the brown eye shadow with a glittery black eye shade and voila you are all set to flaunt those smokey eyes.

Brow game strong

Thick, well-shaped eyebrows can enhance your look, while thin and sparse eyebrows can make your overall look appear dull. So make sure that your eyebrows are well-defined before you start your eye makeup. All you have to do is shape your eyebrows with a brow pencil or kits that are readily available in the market. Take a brow pencil and draw a lot of small, quick strokes to mimic the way your brow hair looks, creating a more naturally full appearance.

Glowing skin

These days everyone is obsessing over highlighters as it adds glow to the skin. Highlighting makes the skin appear dewy, shimmery and more youthful. And according to beauty experts, the key to achieving flawless, glowing skin is to layer illuminator and highlighter onto the high points of the face creating another-worldly glow. What you need to do is apply illuminising powders just above your cheekbones and slightly blending it down to the cheeks. Remember to aim for a subtle shimmer that gives an edgy yet chic feel.

Pretty pout

Because it is summer, lip colours in light pink, peach or earthy tones are the way to go. They look classy and perfect for the smokey eye makeup look. But for dinner parties you require a bolder look which means opting for timeless red rouge. However, make sure that instead of pairing the bright red shade with cat-eyes or bold eye makeup, team up this punchy hue with minimal makeup and bare eyes for an effortless look. The key is to either keep the emphasis on your eyes or go for a light lip colour with smokey eyes.

Barely there

This is one trend that is ruling the runways and fashion scene for quite some time now. However, after Meghan Markle rocked the no makeup look on her wedding, this trend has become all the rage and that too for all the right reasons. Even brides these days are opting for the all natural look, with subdued foundation, subtle eyes and hints of colour on the cheeks and lips. Achieving this means you should work on perfecting your skin starting with a good exfoliation to get the ultimate makeup canvas. A good primer and liquid base can help achieve that non-cakey look. 

These days, girls are opting for BB creams as well. So, focus on your skin care regime and keep your base as natural as possible. And go for a peachy pink blush for a natural glow. Bid adieu to heavy contouring and say hello to fresh dewy skin with at most, a soft pink blush for flushed cheeks.



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