Delicacies from the sea...

By you desk
Tue, 03, 18

Cooking is the artistic act of preparing food. The skilful preparation of food is truly an art.....


Cooking is the artistic act of preparing food. The skilful preparation of food is truly an art. Cooking actually is a healthy mixture of both talent and skill. Cooking is perhaps the highest form of meditation, a divine ritual that is key to nourishing the soul. It is an established fact that preparing and sharing of food defines relationships within families as well as in the larger community. Food is inextricably linked to occasions and celebrations especially food festivals. Keeping this in mind, management at Avari Towers organises different food festivals from time to time in a bid to offer food connoisseurs taste of different authentic cuisines from around the world.

Recently, Avari Towers, Karachi, organised Sea Food Festival at Asia Live - featuring seafood delicacies from around the world with an ambience to match. The place had been especially decked up for the occasion in an attempt to treat Karachiites with authentic seafood in a perfect setting.

The art of cooking now has become more sophisticated. Expert chefs have long known that the presentation of a dish is as important as the taste, aroma and texture of what is served. They know that cheerfulness and love should be mixed into every recipe as these qualities are among the most envied secrets to a tasty dish. Avari has always been known for its delicious taste of food and even this time, they maintained their quality and taste to the maximum level. The taste of the food, served at the seafood festival, was a perfect mix of aroma and spices. It wasn’t too spicy for foreigners and not too bland for Pakistanis.

The buffet included three main course - starting with Seafood Bisque Soup and leading to the balanced flavours of seafood paellas, pan fried Tuna, crab yellow curry, seafood thermidore and so much more but nothing could beat the live and freshly made red snappers, squids, mussels, mushka and dangri fish. And then it was time for some sweet treats. The dessert table also offered various kinds of sweet delights. Although, there was no place in our stomachs to eat more, we couldn’t help to take a few bites of delicious chocolate mousse.

It was surely a delight to indulge in yummy food that too in a relaxed environment. The seafood festival is over, but wait till the hotel management organises yet another exciting and exotic food fair in the town!

-You! desk