Can’t take my eyes off you

By Maria Shirazi
Tue, 02, 18

This week, You! talks to stylist Raana Khan who suggests how to look stunning on special occasions...


This week, You! talks to stylist Raana Khan who suggests how to look stunning on special occasions...

 Stylist Raana Khan

In the words of Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Well, this statement surely holds true. Festivities and formal parties call for the more obvious glitz and glam when it comes to selecting the perfect overall look. And dressing up for such occasions can surely be a feat.

Admit it or not but the trick to being successfully fashionable is to pair up outfits and accessories that not only make a statement but also keeps you stay ahead of the style curve.

So, whether you’re trying to pick the right dress for a wedding occasion or a semi-formal event, this handy guide by stylist Raana Khan will give you plenty of ideas to look stunning on special occasions...

Red hot

Red is always a great choice for a formal night out. So, go ahead and choose red or go for pops of red - it is the perfect colour that adds oomph to your overall look. All you bold girls out there if you are opting for a red outfit then remember to balance your look with nude shoes - pumps or strappy stilettos - and a beige/nude clutch. You can add some jazz by wearing pearls or sparkly stones with your outfit and go for a French manicure - red nails won’t look too flattering.

If you don’t feel confident in red, then pick an outfit that have hints of red. Accessorising with red shoes and bag is just enough to add some zing to your attire. You can also have a monochromatic look and add pops of it, such as a bright red brooch or bag.

It is important to select a cut that complements your body type and height. These things seem unimportant but trust me the cut and fabric you choose can make a lot of difference. If you are into western wear then you can pair a red top with jeans or go for a floral print maxi dress. A pretty top in red with white pants also look classy. While selecting a dress, go for a flowy material as it looks really nice.

Pretty pastels

The dress doesn’t have to be red in particular. There are plenty of other hues that you can go for such as beige, baby pink, lavender etc. Also, going for small floral prints is a good option. Pastel shades look really elegant especially if it is day wedding. White is my all time favourite. You can put together a very sophisticated look if you wear white. Be it any occasion, stay away from big prints. In my opinion, girls should wear softer looking materials like chiffon and silk. Be it eastern or western outfit, it should have all the pretty elements.

Say it with makeup

To start off, it is important to have a flawless base. Moisturise your skin to keep it supple. Don’t apply layers of foundation. Use the right tone of foundation and blend it well. And apply translucent powder to achieve a flawless look. For the eyes go for a soft eye shadow like dull gold and beige. Apply winged eyeliner and lots of mascara to make your eyelashes voluminous. If you want a more dramatic touch, go for false eyelashes.

When it comes to blush, keep it all natural. Apply light peach or baby pink blusher and accentuate it with a highlighter. Finish off your look with lipstick. Red is a classic but as an option you can go for Fuchsia pink, deep plum or frosty pink lipstick.

Because the red lip shade can stain your face if it spreads, it is better to outline your lips with a slightly darker or same shade of red before filling it in with your lipstick. Let’s not forget our nails. It is important to paint your nails in pastel nail colours like baby pink, pale yellow, solid white or French tips. After all your hands also do the talking.

Hair affair

Go for pretty loose curls, half tied or a high pony for day events. For night, side parted waves, or letting your hair down would give a very chic look. You can even get a voluminous blow-dry with gentle natural looking curls at the ends and slightly backcombed on the crown to give light volume at the top. However, if you want to sport a different look then go for tonged hair tied into a soft up-do.

Accessorise well

Jewellery is an important element; so, pick out a string of pearls, delicate rings and pretty pendant in a delicate chain. Go for anything that would complement a plain outfit.

When it comes to shoes and bags, they make a huge difference. Pick out pretty pencil heels, kitten heels or flats. Go for formal and dressy accessories that match your outfit. If your attire is plain you can always glam it up with a red statement clutch and shoes. Spritz on your favourite perfume and voila you are all set to flaunt in style.