Ali Gul Pir

September 12, 2017
By M. Shirazi

Ali Gul Pir of ‘Waderai ka Beta’ fame started his career with improv back in 2007 with a troupe called ‘Aisa Karoge Toh Kaun Ayega’. Later on

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Ali Gul Pir of ‘Waderai ka Beta’ fame started his career with improv back in 2007 with a troupe called ‘Aisa Karoge Toh Kaun Ayega’. Later on, he moved on to do a show ‘Lipton Light On Hai’ with Azfar Ali and Saqib Sameer. However, it was in the year 2012 that his career shifted towards satirical music when he released his single ‘Waderai ka Beta’ which turned out be a hit. Since then, he has been making music, doing TV shows, has made a brief appearance in upcoming film ‘Maan Jao Na’ and works on his own productions. Moreover, in November 2016 Ali Gul joined the ‘LOL Waalay’ comedy troupe and have been regularly doing shows with them. Let’s take a look at the likes and dislikes of this talented man...

Ali Gul Pir

Your claim to fame song:

‘Waderai Ka Beta’.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

T-shirt and shorts.

Your favourite international labels:

Zara and Pedro.

Your favourite international comedian and singer:

Jerry Seinfeld and James Brown.

Your favourite Pakistani celebrity:

Moin Akhtar (late).

How do you deal with your female fans?

With respect!Ali Gul Pir

Your most irritating habit:

I eat out a lot. I should eat at home more than I do now.

You don’t like people who are...

Egoistic. Being too proud is a major turn off.

You always feel happy in the company of...

Close friends.

You are afraid of...

Being alone! Especially before I got married, now I don’t fear being alone much.

Your most valuable possession:

My laptop because it has all my work!

Your all time favourite movies:

‘Godfather’ and ‘Pursuit of Happyness’.

Are you a shopaholic?

Not at all. I shop twice a year or only when I need to.

What bores you the most?

People talking about other people. I hate listening to or indulging in gossip. I would rather joke around or talk about ideas.

When feeling low you prefer:

To be alone or with friends to distract myself.

You are crazy about...Ali Gul Pir

My wife and food.

Among your friends you are known as...

The joker.

Are you a social person or a loner?

I think I am a balance of both. I like being social but also love my alone time.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Eating halwa puri, meeting up family and reading.

 In your childhood were you a bright student?

Not at all. I got C’s.

Your favourite hangout:

My own place. I love the roof because it’s very peaceful.

Something very few people know about you as a person...

I am boring in person, not the Ali Gul you see in the videos.

Your ultimate desire...

Peace of mind. Find a lifestyle in which I can support myself but also have peace.

Is singing your passion or just a time pass? Or a way of making money?

Making people happy is my passion. Everything else comes from it.

Your favourite designers:Ali Gul Pir

I wear Almirah in eastern, western could be anywhere from an international brand to Zainab market. As long as it looks good, it doesn’t matter.

Your idea of romance:

Chalet on the beach, chilling and being close to nature.

One thing you like best about yourself:

I think I am humble. I try not to act like an idiot and keep my feet on the ground.

Which designer’s clothes you would always love to wear?

Whoever is free.

You like girls who are...

Confident, funny and smart.

Happiness is...

Being grateful of what you have.

Your most valuable possession...


What’s your favourite restaurant?

Any that serves clean food.

The best gift you have ever received?

A surprise party!

What do you like most about your job?Ali Gul Pir

It’s not a job. I do what I love and make money.

The best thing that’s been said about you...

I am a genius!

The biggest misconception about you...

That I am a genius... (hahaha)

What would be your advice to someone who wants to become a singer/comedian?

Be shameless. Make jokes about everything you can, then filter out good ideas from it. Never doubt yourself, others do that for you. Be your number 1 fan and you will make it.

 If you  weren’t doing what you are doing today you would be...

Farming vegetables in my village!