v-day style alert!

February 14, 2017
By M. Shirazi

This week You! talks to stylist Raana Khan about style ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that will make this year’s Valentine’s Day a perfect one...

beautyv-day style alert!

This week You! talks to stylist Raana Khan about style ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that will make this year’s Valentine’s Day a perfect one...

As much as Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, it is also about appearances. Many of us will go scouring the mall looking for the perfect outfit, lipstick, accessories, just so the day will be as magical as it appears to be in the movies.

We all dream to have moments like the movies. But the fact is that in real life we tend to overdo things. Yes, that’s right! For the sake of looking drop dead gorgeous for our special someone, we either apply too much makeup, go all red when it comes to our outfits or pick out all the wrong accessories. And we end up looking hideous.

So, don’t let some beauty mistakes ruin your romantic day. Dressing up on Valentine’s Day is a bit tricky. So, keeping this in mind You! talks to stylist Raana Khan who shares some dos and don’ts that will make this year’s Valentine’s Day a perfect one.

v-day style alert!

   It’s time to dress up:

You want to look sophisticated, trendy, elegant yet sexy on Valentine’s Day, so, think of something out of the ordinary. Regarding the colour of the outfit Raana shares, “The dress doesn’t have to be red in particular. There are plenty of other hues that you can go for. The trick is to choose the colour that suits you best.”v-day style alert!

Don’ts: “Please do not wear all red and stay away from black this V-Day. And avoid big prints,” says the stylist.

Dos: “In my opinion, girls should wear softer looking materials like chiffon and silk. Be it eastern or western outfit, it should have all the pretty elements. For example, the cut should be girly. Even going for small floral prints is a good option. Choose a cut that complements your body type and height. These things seem unimportant but trust me the cut and fabric you choose can make a lot of difference,” shares Raana.

“Pastel shades look really elegant on Valentine’s Day. White is my all time favourite. You can put together a very sophisticated look on V-Day if you wear white,” states Raana.

 Pretty feet:

Don’ts: “For shoes I would suggest avoid chunky block heels, sneakers and casual slippers,” she adds.

Dos: “This V-Day, opt for pretty pencil heels, kitten heels or flats. Go for formal and dressy accessories that matches your outfit,” stresses Raana.v-day style alert!

   Bag it up:

Don’ts: Regarding handbags Raana is of the view, “Do not carry a very big bag or an oversized clutch. It gives a very hideous effect and can overpower your entire look.”

Dos: “When it comes to shoes and bags, they make a huge difference and if your outfit is plain you can always glam it up with a statement clutch and gorgeous heels.”

  v-day style alert! Let’s makeup:

Don’ts: “Most common mistake that girls do is that they don’t know how much red they should use when applying makeup. Sometimes, they do the mistake of using red eye shadow which looks very vampish. Red is a tricky colour, don’t use it too much.”

Dos: “Girls should definitely go for rosy and peach cheek and lip stains, false eyelashes, winged eyeliner and pastel eyeshades. For the night look, go for bold matte lip colours like bright red, plum or fuchsia pink. Don’t forget to apply highlighter. And keep the contouring natural and pretty.”

   Tress talk:

Don’ts: “A very made up hairstyle like too much backcombing and extra gel should be avoided as it gives a very harsh look,” says the expert.v-day style alert!

Dos: “If you have a lunch date, go for pretty loose curls, half tied or a high pony. For night, side parted waves, or just open hair would give a very chic look,” recommends Raana.

   Paint your nails:

Don’ts: “Let’s not forget our nails. It is important to paint your nails on V-Day. I request all girls to avoid long nails and nail art at all costs.”

Dos: “Keep your nails short. Opt for French manicure or use pretty pinks and berry shades,” suggests Raana.

 Accessorize well:

Don’ts: “Heavy metallic and too much jewellery should be avoided. It looks very tacky especially on Valentine’s Day. And if you are opting for beige  or white outfit then metallic jewellery will ruin your look.”

v-day style alert!

Dos: “Jewellery is an important element; so, pick out a string of pearls, delicate rings and pretty pendant in a delicate chain. Go for anything that would complement a plain outfit,” explains Raana.

   Scent it up:

“Whether you are going out or planning to stay at home, don’t forget to smell divine for your loved one! Yes, get a nice, refreshing bath and apply fragrant body lotions and your favourite perfume that makes your partner go crazy. Go for a scent that is more fresh and has some citrus notes in it. And voila you are set for the day,” concludes Raana.