“Let the happiness glow on a bride’s face” - Fouzia Sarfaraz

By Erum Noor Muzaffar
Tue, 11, 23

This week Fouzia Sarfaraz, a Karachi-based makeup artist, talks about her work and her passion for adorning brides in a seamless manner...

“Let the happiness glow on a bride’s face” - Fouzia Sarfaraz

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A wedding day is most likely to be one of the most treasured days in a bride’s life. Therefore, brides expect to look and feel their best. That is where a makeup artist can enter with the wand and add to the dazzle and elegance of the wedding day. A corrective, subtle makeup that enhances your best features and makes you naturally radiant and beautiful is probably the best because the first thing people will notice on your wedding day is how stunning and radiant you look.

“Let the happiness glow on a bride’s face” - Fouzia Sarfaraz

Fouzia Sarfaraz has been working as a makeup artist since 10 years. She is a trained makeup artist and has done professional courses in hair and makeup from renowned beauty academies. Fouzia has her own salon in Karachi, ‘Meerab’s Bridal Salon’ where brides get all grooming services under one roof in a relaxed environment. This week in an exclusive interview with You! this talented artist talks about her work and her passion for adorning brides in a seamless manner. Read on...

You! What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Fouzia Sarfaraz: Since my childhood, I have been inclined towards makeup. I used to embellish my dolls. When I grew up, I opted to become a beautician as I love to beautify faces.

You! What made you decide to open your own bridal salon?

FS: Makeup is something I am naturally good at. Initially, I used to do bridal makeup by appointment only and I also used to do party makeup for my friends who kept coming back to me. Encouraged by them, I decided to open my own bridal salon where we also do party and evening makeup along with regular services.

You! Have you done any refresher courses in hair and makeup recently?
I have been updating myself with latest trends in hair and makeup. Thanks to social media and YouTube, where you get to learn new techniques instantly, without going abroad.

You! What do you love most about your job?

FS: My work is my passion so when you enjoy what you do, then it does not feel like a job. It gives me immense happiness when I bring a smile on a bride’s face; I think that’s the best part of my job.

You! What’s your signature style when it comes to bridal makeup?

FS: A flawless glow with a natural look.

“Let the happiness glow on a bride’s face” - Fouzia Sarfaraz

You! What are some of the biggest bridal makeup trends for winter 2023?

FS: This season, makeup is taking a turn for a more natural, seamless and blended look - minimalist makeup with fresh dewy looks. Eyes are defined; brows are groomed; lashes are long and fluttery, whereas, cheeks and lips are glamorous. There is more focus on beautiful eye makeup and shading rather than only emphasising on huge eye lashes.

You! What is the biggest challenge a makeup artist faces?

FS: Convincing clients. Women nowadays think they know it all, so when you want to try a look that’s best for them, they may not agree.

You! When a bride asks you for a makeup style or haircut that is unsuitable for them, how do you handle it?

FS: I sit with them and tell them about the picture they bring and compare it with their hair or face details. In the end, mostly they are convinced with the details I tell them, and they end up leaving their hair or makeup to me.

You! While doing brides’ makeup, what do you care most about?

FS: I don’t prefer to make my brides fairer, but my main focus is to beautify their overall look and personality according to their dress and jewellery.

You! What are your favourite brands in cosmetics that you use, especially for brides?

FS: Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, M.A.C, Nars, as well as many other professional cosmetic brands. I am continuously updating and adding to my extensive makeup collection.

“Let the happiness glow on a bride’s face” - Fouzia Sarfaraz

You! What are the biggest mistakes brides make when applying makeup?

FS: Brides usually make mistakes on their big day like not setting their makeup properly; choosing a shade which doesn’t match their skin tone; going too heavy on contouring.

Lighter shade of foundation is another common mistake as brides in our region want to look fair.

You! What colours are popular during this season?

FS: Classic wedding colours like golds, maroons, orange and yellows paired with jewel tone, accent colours, muted neutrals.

You! What type of jewellery is in for brides?

FS: It is completely subjective. Some brides want to go for heavy jewellery while others prefer it to be more minimalistic.

You! Could you recommend a few pre-wedding services a bride must take before the final day?

FS: Focus on skincare before your big day by incorporating regular facials and a healthy clean diet. The more flawless your skin is, the less makeup you will need and in return you will look even more fabulous in front of all of your guests.

You! Who is your biggest inspiration among local makeup artists?

FS: Natasha Khalid is one inspiring makeup artist. She is so talented.

You! In your opinion, what really makes a bride stand out – her makeup, jewellery, outfit or her confidence?

FS: I would say it’s a combination of all of the above but most importantly her makeup.

You! Would you like to share some makeup tips for brides to-be?

FS: Opt for a powder-based foundation, which is more likely to stay on than the liquid or cream types. Apply lightly and evenly, and blend well down into the décolletage. Choose a colour that is just a shade paler than your natural skin tone for best results. Nails should be carefully manicured and shaped, preferably in ovals so there is no chance of snagging them on your dress or veil.

You! Do you think social media and Instagram are good tools to popularise your work, especially for upcoming beauticians?

FS: Yes, social media is the easiest, convenient and more reliable way to reach out to the broader audience. Sharing your videos behind the scenes; sharing your content and sharing your makeup look can reach a larger number of people and make them come to you. We get a lot of queries and bookings through social media.

You! What beauty advice do you have for brides-to-be?

FS: Keep following trends and take inspiration from whatever is in but the most important part is being you, do what makes you happy and feel comfortable wearing on the special day. Don’t take unnecessary stress, let the happiness glow on your face!