Rain and poverty in Makran

By Muneeb Maqsood
Fri, 05, 23

It is a saying that poverty prevents enjoyment from coming in, and this saying has been proven after the rain....


Rain and poverty in Makran

It rained heavily in some parts of Makran and some areas even reported a hailstorm along with strong winds on 27 April. People took an interest in the weather and clicked various photos. To see their captured clicks, I opened Facebook on which I found the heart-shaking news of a poor family. While some people enjoy the natural beauties of God, on the other hand, this family was suffering due to the rain. It is a saying that poverty prevents enjoyment from coming in, and this saying has been proven after the rain.

The news was reported by Shabbir Jan Rind from a place in Turbat known as Haji Abdul Salam Muhala. The people around the family have assisted and secured them so far. Shabbir says in his video that the gathered water went straight into the home and the children stood outside of the house in the rain, so the family was shifted to a neighbour’s home and under a roof.

Corruption of politicians has been sinking thousands of families in Balochistan and no higher authorities have been offering a helping hand as this family sinks due to the apathy of the concerned authorities. Even Shabbir Jan Rind lamented the futility of begging the government for help, since he knows it is useless. It is the goodness of the people living nearby who quickly came to assist the family in need. There is no security team seen actively helping the people in Turbat. The affected victims spend their time in hardship until their neighbours help. Due to the heavy rain in Turbat, roofs of many houses may collapse in the city.

The authorities, therefore, must look into the problems caused by urban flooding by sending teams to the city and assist the affected people.

Pollution in Hub

By Nadir Sarwar Sajidi

Rain and poverty in Makran

Pollution due to factories is a burning issue in Hub city where the quality of human life is being destroyed day by day. There are approximately one hundred factories in and around the city, and the factories release smoke into the atmosphere which is harmful for humans, animals and plants.

Diseases are increasing rapidly in the city, and a large number of people have succumbed to lung ailments and cancer because of factories. Also, gas and electricity is not provided across the city, as these utilities are being diverted to the factories.

There is a factory which is located in the centre of the city that is given the name ‘Cable’. That would mean this factory makes cable, but it is definitely not a cable factory; instead, they make wine. There are some houses around it; the wine’s smell is strong and residents are facing difficulties due to this smell. The factory employs a significant number of people and so no one is protesting the way it is operating.

The government should take immediate steps to solve the problem of the citizens of Hub and remove the factories inside the city. Human life is more precious than factories.